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How to Book a Private Plane and Why It’s Worth It

Anyone who has experienced the stress, wasted time, and general mayhem of public airports is well aware of the benefits of flying private. Private passengers enjoy driving up to the jet while bags are loaded and their personal flight attendant serves a cold drink and pre-flight snack. Once airborne, a gourmet dinner is served and it’s time to retire to bed – no crying babies, no snoring passengers, just several hours of restful sleep. After breakfast, passengers are well rested, well fed, and the plane is ready to land. No jet lag, no waiting for bags, just a car waiting to go to their second home, next meeting, or whatever awaits in that part of the world.

There a couple of options if you would like to fly privately. Here are my recommendations.


This method is perfect for people who travel short distances or a few times per year. Choosing a reputable broker who will find the best jet for your personal needs is essential. I highly recommend Tri Star Jet.

Membership Card

This method is perfect for the more frequent traveler. Membership Cards are based on type of aircraft and number of hours flown per year; cards often offer better rates than straight charter. A well known card is Marquis by Net Jets.


Passengers who fly more than 50 hours per year may consider fractional ownership. A well known program is FlexJet, as well as the above mentioned Marquis.


For travelers who fly more than 250 hours per year, the advantages to jet ownership begin to outweigh the costs. Jet ownership is a full time business so choosing pilots with a background in aircraft management or hiring a management company such as Executive Jet Management (EJM) is crucial for handling the complicated details of your aircraft.

Most importantly, make sure the company you choose has an ARGUS Platinum safety rating. You should feel safe, comfortable, and at ease with the company, and ensuring their safety standards are up to par is a must. After that, a representative will walk you through the steps to choosing the perfect aircraft for you.

Safe Travels!

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