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How to Conquer the Holidays with Your Partner

Now in Mid-December, we’re in the midst of the holiday season. We’re booked with holiday parties and are finalizing all of our upcoming dinner plans.
Conquering the holidays with your partner means having to decide whose house to go over for Christmas and Christmas Eve.
When you have traditions with both families, how are you supposed to choose which ones to join? The best gift this year is compromise.

Approach the Subject

It may be awkward to discuss the topic of what to do for the holidays, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of dating. You can decide to split certain days or spend them separately, whichever works best for both of you.
Be calm and collective when approaching the subject; say something simple like, “Hey, what does your family do for Christmas?” From there, you can get a basic idea of what his or her family does and see how it can work. Ideally, you’d like to join in for as many of your respective family’s plans as possible, but understand that some traditions you’ll have to skip in order to please both families.

Be Clear and Direct

Try to talk to your family beforehand about what their plans are for this year. You can simply say, “I’m going to his house for Christmas and he will come here for Christmas Eve” or you can ask them, “Which day you prefer me to be home for the holiday?” It’s important to make time for your family members and enjoy those cherished moments with them. Let’s be honest, families can give you an unclear answer, but let them know that you need to figure out your plans as well. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend what you want and be direct. Try not to make it more confusing and stressful then it already is. Once you have this part figured out, you can celebrate with a hot cocoa.

Set the Plans

The sooner, the better. If you can set the plans and keep them, you will feel less stressed out.
It’s one less thing of your endless to-do list. Try to be upfront and fair to yourself and your partner. You want to make sure each of you are happy and content with your decisions.


Make sure you know ahead of time what your stance is on gifts. You can exchange just between you and your partner or a few people in their family. Do whatever you’re comfortable with, no matter what your family prefers. If you’re on a budget, you might want to express that as well so you don’t feel completely overwhelmed. You can get each other a gift then do a simple small gift for everyone like a box of candy or a bottle of wine.

Don’t forget to have fun and indulge in yummy vegan treats! You only get to experience the holidays with your family once a year; you might as well seize the moment while it lasts.

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