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How To Create Celeste Yarnall’s Iconic 60’s Look

Celeste Yarnall, with her striking blue eyes and platinum-white hair, is still stunning decades after her successful modeling and acting career. I was awestruck by her photos with Elvis Presley, whom she co-starred with in Live a Little, Love a Little and with William Shatner, when she guest starred on the classic episode of Star Trek entitled The Apple. No wonder she was often compared to her friend Sharon Tate.

Within her many boxes of memorabilia she shared with me, were countless gorgeous modeling photos with the classic 1960’s style. Her memorabilia also included magazines and newspapers clippings of her winning the coveted Miss Rheingold Competition to become the last elected Miss Rheingold for the year 1964, garnering 20,000,000 votes from the public.

This year VIVA GLAM wants to celebrate Celeste’s life long accomplishments by bringing back her iconic beauty to life with our model Marketa who we transformed into her.

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Celeste Yarnall, 1960s

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