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How to Create Your Own Bohemian Wardrobe

We’ve all seen the 2018 trend favorites: glittery sequins, lumberjack patterns, all the way to wearing plastic; and we’ve all been tempted to incorporate them into our wardrobe, right? The danger of certain trends is their fleeting nature, as they tend to be replaced by the next range of Pantone favorites and a slew of different cuts waiting to be flaunted. And while it’s admirable to have a piece or two that goes in these bold directions, certain styles stand the test of time, and the famous boho chic is on the very throne of timeless beauty.

For newbies in the world of fashion, boho is so much more than its hippie legacy and florals everywhere, although both represent a hefty chunk of all things chic. If you are in love with this free-spirited vibe and you wish to find your own boho self, look no further than the following bohemian essentials to inspire your next outfit.

Mind the materials

Inspired by the nomadic, minimalist lifestyle of certain European folk who led unconventional lives clothed in the most basic of fabrics, the bohemian look has very humble, yet very imaginative beginnings. They wore pure cotton, linen, denim, and leather, and their choice of garments was based on purpose and durability, so as not to restrict their movements. These choices persist to this very day, so we still see a predominant use of these natural materials in the boho collections of haute couture.

Then again, with modern advancements in fashion as well come diverse options to choose from, and faux replacements for an eco-friendlier approach. Silk, suede, and velvet are seeing a rise in use, while various designers do their best to find new fabrics (faux leather and faux fur included) they can incorporate into the style without jeopardizing its essence. So, the next time you go shopping, look for pieces that scream natural .¨ from linen and cotton shirts, all the way to faux leather jackets!

Patterns and hues that rule

A single glance at anything made by Jen Rossi will whisk you away onto an untamed beach, with sand under your toes and sun caressing your cheeks; that’s just how boho her collection is, and what anyone wanting a boho look should aspire to. The secret seems to be in the right palette of nude and natural tones such as various tones of brown, lavender, azure blue, champagne, soft pink, ochre, olive green, and the like.

Add to that a range of patterns that epitomize the movement, and your wardrobe will be the ultimate representation of chic! Think: checkered shirts, tribal and ethnic-inspired embroidery in accent blacks and whites, a whole array of florals, all enriching the subdued tones on your garments. With that in mind, no boho summer can go without an intricately-embroidered tote, a massive skirt with natural ornaments such as leaves and petals, or a flowy dress embellished with lace.

Whimsically comfy

If anything, the boho chic is a playful style that invites your own creativity into the equation for every piece you’d like to wear! One of the more traditional, timeless ways to add variety into your look is precisely through details, such as the beloved fringes on your leather jacket or layered embroidery on your skirts.

On the other hand, beach-based collections of kaftans, playsuits, and bikinis such as Seafolly Desert Tribe with their modern take on vintage prints are the epitome of boho. Ethnic-inspired prints in vivid colors, high-waisted cuts, and summer-perfect shapes are an homage to this perennial style, without compromising comfort. This is precisely why items, such as bikini tops and playsuits, have infiltrated the music festival scene. They help you endure the heat and let your skin breathe at the same time, while also creating an authentically quirky look.

Accessorize like a boho queen

A significant portion of the boho style comes not from your clothing, but from the details that accompany your outfit. Peruse through the collections offered by the likes of Eclectic Eccentricity to find your next favorite set of celestial earrings, or a dazzling floral tiara perfect for your festival frenzy. There are so many jewelry-makers out there who devote their entire selection to the boho chic approach, so you can always refresh your look with their unique pieces.

Then again, other details such as headbands in a variety of patterns are a great way to go for something a little less conventional, and deeply bohemian. Hats may have been a choice for sun protection, but this is your chance to make them boho-worthy with the help of funky add-ons and floral embroidery. The idea is simple, but magnificent: choose chunky, statement items, stack bracelets of various tones, shapes, and textures, and don’t be stingy with your earrings. There is no such thing as too much boho!

Maxi and breezy

Yet another proof that comfort comes first, but not at the expense of style, is the preference for all things maxi, light, and lengthy. The oversized sweater trend has borrowed its key descriptor precisely from this style, so you can never go wrong with a maxi skirt that drags at your feet, and you can let go of those form-fitting, tight picks you were so terribly uncomfortable in.

Multipurpose sarongs remain not just a beach, but an overall boho staple, while classic kimonos, colorful ponchos, hip-hugging distressed denim jeans, and massive tank tops all belong in your new boho wardrobe. Take your time to choose the ones you’ll love wearing, because this style has no intention of abandoning the fashion ranks any time soon!

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