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How to Find Your Ideal Foundation: What Undertone Are YOU?

Are YOU a cool, neutral, or warm undertone?

We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to find the optimum foundation.
If you are trying by yourself in the drugstore, there is no one to help you.
Plus, you can’t even try it on so you spend your time guessing between several colors and hoping that you will find the correct one.
If you are shopping in a department store, the lady behind the counter may be as clueless as you are and therefore no help. And online is also a major guessing game! You’ll find yourself narrowing your decision down to two colors and not being able to decide so you just pick one and hope for the best! So, how can you find the correct color for your skin without wasting precious time and money ordering the wrong shade?

You might be surprised to find out that finding your ideal foundation color means that you need to determine your undertone first. There are three types of undertones: warm, neutral, and cool.
Here are a few ways for you to determine what your individual undertone is.

The Color of Your Veins

First off, what color are your veins? This might sound like an odd question at first. But by examining the color of your veins, this will help you to determine what your undertone is. If your veins appear blue/purple, you are cool-toned.
If they appear more olive or green, then you are warm-toned.
If you can’t see either, you are neutral-toned.


Also, look at the jewelry you prefer. If silver looks best on you rather than gold, you have a cool undertone.
If gold looks best on you, then you have a warm undertone.
If you look good in both, you are a neutral.

Your Color Palette

Regarding colors, if you look best in jewel tones such as blue, purple and greens, you have a cool undertone. If you look best in peach, pink, rose and softer colors, you have a neutral undertone. And if you believe you look best in red, oranges, yellows and other earth tones, you have a warm undertone.

By determining your undertone, you can then find the optimum shade of foundation that is right for your skin!


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