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How to Get Cheryl Burke’s Sexy and Voluminous Hair

VIVA GLAM and Cheryl Burke

We recently had our Viva Glam Magazine November issue party. Cheryl Burke’s cover got so many compliments on her voluminous wavy curls. I enhanced her beautiful hair by adding clip-in hair extensions. I colored extensions to match her own color, giving her beautiful ombr‚àö¬© golden highlights. Extensions played a big part in creating these wild and sexy curls with extreme length. This look can be created by five easy steps.


Step one: Shampoo your hair, and use a volumizing moose all over, along with a root lifter. Comb hair, removing tangles.

Step two: Blowdrying hair by flipping head upside down, creating volume. Leave the top of the crown in pin curls after the drying hair.

Step three: Add hair extensions, and curl your hair together with the hair extensions. Separate your hair in medium sections with a two inch curling iron. Pin the curls back, and set them with hair spray. Let your curls set for 20 minutes.

Step four: After 20 minutes, take the pins out of your hair. Flip your hair upside down and brush your hair with a boar bristle brush. Then flip it back, teasing the roots by holding a section of your hair up vertically and placing your tail comb at the mid-length of the section and gently brush down, pushing hair against itself. Repeat this in sections on the rest of your hair, until you have achieved the height and volume that you want. After you have teased the hair, take a one and a half inch curling iron and a smaller curling iron, and curl sections of your hair, to create curls and wavy hair.

Step five: Tousle the hair over and over to get voluminous, gorgeous waves. Then spray your hair with an extra hold hairspray. This is a great look for any going out event, whether you have medium or long hair.


Ladies, remember that in order to create this look, it is a good idea to invest in clip-in hair extensions. These will give you full, voluminous long hair! If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]


How to Get Cheryl Burke's Sexy and Voluminous Hair

How to Get Cheryl Burke's Sexy and Voluminous Hair

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