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How to Get Full Coverage with Foundation Without Looking It

Makeup trends come and go, and we’re usually very glad to see them go. We’ve all had that moment of looking back on photos and wondering what the hell we were doing! A trend we’re all glad to see go is that of cakey, full coverage foundations. Today, it’s all about the lightweight and natural looking formulas that don’t give us cake face. But, for those of us cursed with problematic skin, we still need our full coverage. Instead of turning to the thick and heavy full coverage foundation throwbacks, what if you tailored today’s trends to your needs? We’ve figured out a few tips and tricks to get you the fullest coverage foundation finish to cater to all of your skin problems, while still using that lightweight and natural foundation!

  1. DO Find Your Shade

If you’re doing full coverage, you need to do it right! There’s nothing worse than that feared foundation line. You know, the one along your jaw where people can see the striking difference in your skin tone and the foundation you’re using. Also, in the age of fake tanning, it’s always best to match to your body rather than your face. It may look crazy at first, but you’ll want the shade that’s going to blend into your neck rather than your cheeks!

  1. DON’T Skip Skincare

If you have oily or problem-prone skin then you’re likely to avoid packing on the hydration or moisture before your base. You’re convinced that it causes more oil and melts your makeup away. You’re wrong! Sticking to your skincare routine before your makeup can actually improve the longevity and give your foundation a great base to cling onto!

  1. DO Use Primer

Similar to the last tip, this extra step is going to ensure longevity and smoothness! Picking the right primer for your skin issues can really take your foundation above and beyond. If you have oily skin for example, a mattifying primer will go a long way in preventing any shine or oiliness.

  1. DON’t Over-apply

The biggest full coverage mistakes you can make is thinking that pumping out a bunch of product is going to help. NO! We often overestimate how much product we actually need. Instead, apply a thin layer and then add more and more product to areas where you need it. Building up the coverage will avoid cakeyness!

  1. DO Use a Beauty Sponge

Beauty sponges are the tool of choice for full coverage makeup. The sponge will push the product into your skin and melt it into it for a smoother and more natural finish without forgoing any coverage. It’s also ideal for soaking up excess product and preventing product buildup, which can lead to separation and oiliness.

  1. DO Spot Conceal

After you’ve built up your coverage to your desired finish, you may find that a few dark spots and breakout still shine through. Don’t panic and continue to pack on foundation! Instead, go in with your concealer on the spots where you need it. That way you can pack on product where you need it instead of unnecessarily suffocating your entire base! Make sure to blend out around each spot instead of directly on it, leave the layer directly on top of the pimple untouched to optimize coverage!

  1. DON’T Be Scared of the Glow

Now that you have your full coverage base, it’s time to restore some natural luminosity. With full coverage comes the loss of your natural youthful glow, and that’s what highlighters are for! Highlighting the high points of your face will leave your base looking natural and as if you haven’t packed on all the product you just did!

  1. BONUS: Powder Foundation

If you’re really wanting to go for it, and looking for as much coverage as possible then this bonus tip is for you. When setting your foundation in place, instead of using a typical setting powder use a powder foundation! This will really give you that dramatic flawless finish that is as full coverage as possible!

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