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How to Set: Beach Waves, Alternate Curls, Pin Curls, and More!

Guest Contributor: Miranda Hicks

Getting ready for the beach, but you’re missing those sexy curls? Don’t worry as you’re in the right place! We’ll have you looking the part in no time.
Whether or not you’re at the beach, you’ll be able to rock those effortless California beach waves in your hair. All you need is a flat iron and your favorite brand of hair spray.

Setting the Perfect Alternate Curls

The Prep: First, dry your hair – Your hair will be ruled right way if you got them dry 100%. Keep in mind that wet or damp hair only lead to damage.

Make sure you have a regular dual sided flat iron to curl with 1 – 2.5 inches of a blade for the curling. Anything less than those dimensions might give you a hard time.

Turn on the iron and wait for it to heat up, then regulate the temperature to medium to avoid denting.


    • Section your hair. (This is optional, but I would suggest this as it helps to manage your hair better. If you leave all your hair open and start randomly, you will take a whole lot longer. Trust me on this.)
    • Place the flat iron between your hair and clamp. You can start from about three to five inches from the root. You don’t want your hair looking puffy so avoid starting exactly at the base of the root.
    • Now gradually start rolling your hair backwards away from your face. Wait for few seconds. Release the flat iron and move it downwards two to three inches before you start to fold it forward. Now, go in the opposite direction as before. Cover all of your strands using the same process.
  • Apply hair spray to let your hair set. You’re done!

Simple Curls

The Prep: Turn on the flat iron. Same measurements blade as mentioned before. Let it heat up.

The Method:

    • Section your hair so it’s easier to handle. Clip your hair back to keep your excess hair out of the way.
    • Clamp the iron. Take a strand and curl it in the forward direction, leaving a few inches at the bottom Hold for few seconds and pull it straight out. You can hold out the end of the strand for better control.
    • Place the iron one to two inches above the same strand of hair. This time, curl the strand backward. Repeat this process until your hairstyle is complete.
  • Set with hair spray.

Pin Curls

The Prep: Turn on the flat iron and let it heat up.

The Method:

    • Section your hair.
    • Pick a strand to start and clip or pin excess sections backwards.
    • Wrap the strand around two fingers and keep going until you are sure you have created a high-pin curl.
    • Let go of your fingers and maintain the shape of the pin curl, using other fingers.
    • Place the pin curl between the two plates of your flat iron. Be careful not to burn your hand.
    • Release the iron after few seconds. Crunch the curl and let go. Repeat the process for all other strands.
  • Set with hair spray, generously.

Now, you’re ready to rock and frolic at the beach or just look like you are! Give these three hairdos a try at your next party and watch as you turn heads all night long.

Guest Contributor Bio

My name is Miranda Hicks, and I blog at Flat Iron Pro. I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on hair products, hair styling tips as well as info on the top flatirons, check out my blog.

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