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How to Shop Vintage for a Glamorous Wardrobe

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For avid fashionistas, vintage and secondhand shopping is definitely one of the most overwhelming pastime activities. It’s become a time capsule for all those enjoying the glamour of the eras long past. After all, there is nothing more exciting than finding a forgotten treasure such as a classic little black dress or a gorgeous Chanel purse.

In order to incorporate such garments into the rest of your wardrobe, you need to know all the subtle differences between real-deal vintage pieces and the items that are simply worn out. To shed some light on this issue, we made a quick guide to revamping your wardrobe with killer vintage and secondhand clothes.


The Difference between Vintage and Second Hand Clothes

Parallel with the rise of this trend, the number of vintage and consignment stores, such as swap, has also grown. Unsurprisingly, this leaves us with an amazing opportunity to finally revamp our wardrobe and reinvent our personal vintage style in a way we’ve always dreamed. However, in order to do that properly, we first need to learn how to differentiate between vintage and regular second hand items.

Vintage is a notion that encompasses a wide scope of features. For example, while some people divide clothing items based on the era in which they were made, others focus on how coherent they are with the style of that epoch. In either case, it’s more than obvious that the most universal definition considers vintage clothes something that was designed and worn at some point in the past. Consequently, the majority of people believes that vintage and secondhand are one in the same.

The key difference between these two notions lies in the following: while you can definitely find an amazing vintage piece in a secondhand store, it is highly unlikely that you will find an ordinary thrift item in a specialized vintage shop. Vintage stands for something special, something of timeless design and quality, as well as something that has stood the test of time and remained popular (or at least applicable) for decades. Generally spoken, vintage clothes can be defined as the subcategory of the secondhand clothing, the one that has maintained both its aesthetic and qualitative value over the course of years.


How to Shop Vintage for a Glamorous Wardrobe5



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