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Hydration Tips For Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is one of the “hottest” trends in fitness right now. It elevates your heart rate improving heart health, the heat allows your muscles to relax and stretch further, and it helps you sweat out toxins in your body. Hot Yoga is an amazing workout, but it can be dangerous and lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration if you don’t prepare yourself correctly prior to and after class.

Susan Goodman, a professional nutritionist with over seven years of experience is here to share her tips on hydrating before and after hot yoga.

  • Eat to hydrate– Incorporate foods that are high in water like fruits and vegetables at least 24 hours prior to your workout.
  • Avoid caffeine-Avoid consuming coffee and soda prior to a hot yoga session as these both have a tendency to dehydrate you.
  • Hydrate with coconut water– Sweating causes electrolyte depletion and loss of minerals. I like to drink
    COCO5, a natural coconut water drink because it has 5 essential electrolytes, it is very low in sugar content and it is vegan and organic.
  • Don’t fill up right before class– Because yoga includes multiple belly bending activities, you won’t want to have a belly full of liquids. Liquids take about 45 minutes to process, so avoid drinking right before class and take only small sips during.
  • Hydrate smart after class– Once you have finished your class, it is time to restore your electrolytes and minerals. Choose hydrating liquids and add fruit to your cup!

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