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Important, Easy Tips to Remember When Traveling

If you want to have a good experience traveling, you’ll want to take the advice of seasoned travelers who’ve had to learn certain things the hard way. Here are a handful of tips for you: things you must always remember when traveling.


It’s easy to forget to hydrate when you step outside of your daily routine, and this is exactly what happens when you travel. Hydration is imperative if you want to feel your best on every leg of the journey. Headaches and fatigue are common issues you’ll encounter with a lack of hydration, and that’s not even factoring in the fact that alcohol consumption will make it all worse. Set a goal for how much water you need to drink every day, and keep track of how much you’re having on a note on your phone.

Stash Extra Case for Emergencies

Lose that debit card or have it lifted off your person and you’ll be up a complicated creek without a paddle. That’s why having a little stash of extra cash for emergencies is extremely important. Keep it separate from your wallet, preferably locked in a hotel safe. That way, if you lose your wallet somehow, you’re not completely helpless in a world that’s dependent upon money and good will to make it go round.

Arrive to the Airport Early

There’s nothing worse than planning a trip, getting really excited about it, building in anticipation and then. missing your flight. It happens more than you think, and it’s usually due to faulty planning in not factoring in any cushion for time. Security lines, customs, connecting flights. all of these are common culprits behind people just like yourself missing flights that you thought you’d prepared enough time to make. Do yourself a favor: factor in a large cushion as far as time goes, and always get to the airport early. Worst case scenario? You’re an hour and a half early, and you sit down with a good book and a glass of wine at an airport bar. Win-win.

Pack a Jacket Even if You Think You Don’t Need One

What’s worse than being cold? Being cold will ruin a great experience quickly, so why not be prepared with a jacket? Flights are usually either hot or cold, weather can be finicky, and everyone adjusts their air vents to different temperatures. Don’t be one of those people who’s trying to enjoy a good time, but ends up suffering through a seriously uncomfortable

Back Everything Up

We’re not just talking about photos; we’re talking about any and every important document you might have on your trip: you need a digital copy. Your Passport, your driver’s license, your insurance card, credit cards, birth certificate. consider using an app that has this information password protected for your security. If your purse is stolen, if your baggage is lost. as long as you have digital copies, the resolution will be much easier and your travel plans won’t be thrown off as much as they would otherwise.

Pack Like They Will Lose It

Always keep in mind that there is a chance, however small, that your bag may get separated from you. So make sure to keep your most prized possession(s) in your “small personal item”, rather than your carry-on or luggage. You will also want to stock your personal item with a spare pair of undies and socks, any meds, and a small toiletry kit so you can freshen up. You would hate to have to scramble last minute in a foreign place to find the essentials you’ll need to feel fresh. And feeling fresh is all that will get you by that window of time when you are without your bags. Besides, if you are prepared for them losing your stuff, it’ll never happen! Murphy’s Law.

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