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Increase Your Beauty by Reducing Sugar Intake

Did you know the average American eats 130 lbs. of added sugar in their diet each year? As you can see, many of us love the taste of sugar. And while eating sugar in moderation is not bad for us, too much of this sweet treat can cause several beauty concerns. But, by limiting sugar intake on a daily basis, you can boost your beauty!

Lessening sugar intake not only slims down your waist, it also helps to thicken your hair. Too much sugar causes a spike in blood glucose that can change your hormones. This, in turn, will turn hair lifeless and dull. However, by eating fewer sweets, this effect is reversible and your hair will thicken again.

Sugar also causes inflammation in the body, especially of the skin. Because sugar is highly acidic it can cause breakouts as well. However, by eating fresh fruit and natural sugar substitutes such as Stevia and honey, you can minimize breakouts.

By consuming too much sugar, you can build a resistance to insulin which can cause excessive hair growth in women. Once again, this is reversible, so by cutting down on sugar you will lessen the amount of hair on your face, chest, and back.

Sweets are meant to be enjoyed. However, by simply lowering sugar intake, you can increase your beauty and promote longevity and good health.

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