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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day! Breyers BRAND NEW Almond Milk Ice Cream!

Tempt your Sweetheart with this tasty treat!

ICYDK, Breyers just launched a brand new, vegan, frozen dessert! That’s right, this non-dairy treat is made from almond milk!


Here’s the lowdown, apparently Breyers is not mentioning this new product on their website as of yet.
And it is available in the Midwest only right now.
So, it might be a product they are currently testing to see if it will eventually go nationwide. Sure wish they has started on the West coast! We would have cleared the shelves!


What’s the new flavor? Cookies & Cream! Yum!


Recently, ice cream powerhouse, Ben & Jerry’s, began offering vegan varieties and also just came out with three new flavors. In addition, Coffemate just introduced new non-dairy creamers.


This might not come as a surprise to many as one of the leading trends last year was adopting a plant-based diet. Going vegan is becoming popular as people are beginning to become increasingly aware of the cruelty involved in the meat industry. Social media has been one of the vehicles that has allowed people to see what really goes on behind closed doors in factory-farming.


As a result, more companies are listening to their customers and are beginning to offer cruelty-free alternatives to products that use animals or animal by-products. This also holds true for the fashion industry that is now offering viable alternatives to animal textiles such as leather and fur. Vegan accessories and clothing are now commonplace and faux fur and leather are increasingly in demand. In addition, vegan textiles are as durable and long-lasting as traditional textiles so you are not compromising on quality.


Consumers are controlling what is being created through supply and demand. By purchasing only 100% cruelty-free products, you dictate what is being made.


So this Valentine’s Day, what better way to treat your Sweetheart than with a big bowl of Cookies & Cream frozen dessert!


Let’s hear it for Breyers!


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