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Katarina’s Favorite Vegan Shoes!

Katarina Van Derham
shows us some of her favorite vegan shoes!

Come with us as we take a sneak peek into Katarina’s personal closet as she shows us some fashionable, fun and flirty shoes that also just happen to be 100% cruelty free!

She might have over 200 pairs of shoes in her closet, but these are some of Katarina’s absolute favorite shoes! Today, more and more companies are coming out with vegan shoes that are glamorous, pretty and comfortable. They are well made and feminine.

In the past, vegan shoes were not always comfortable. This is because they were in the early learning stages of creating material that was similar to animal leathers. Now however, vegan shoes are very comfortable. Whether you choose sandals, loafers, heels or boots, you’ll be just as pleased with a cruelty-free purchase than one made from traditional materials.

Here are some of Katarina’s favorite brands in her closet:

Veerah Shoes

These shoes are reminiscent of the beautiful designs found in Italy and other parts of Europe. They are floral and a very high-end looking type of shoe. Plus, they have great accessories such as tassels that are attached by a sexy strap!

Lauren Lorraine

Lauren Lorraine has both blingy shoes and basic classics. Whether you love a simple, black heel or strappy, sexy sandals, these are the shoes for you!

Insecta Shoes

Made in Brazil, these shoes are created from recycled clothing. There are limited pairs of shoes from each pattern as they are made from one dress or blouse. In fact, on their website
you can actually see the dress or item of clothing they make shoes from! They are so comfortable too!

Cri de Coeur

These vegan shoes are sweatshop free and are made of high-quality faux leather. They offer beautiful, high-end designs!

Pammie’s Life

Pam Anderson and her partner, Logan Riese, have created a vegan alternative to the Ugg Boot. They are more stylish than traditional Uggs and no sheep were killed to create these super chic boots!

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