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Learn How to Make Vegan Cheese That Melts!

MMM! These meltable vegan cheeses will make your mouth water!

If you are just beginning to adapt a plant-based diet or even if you have been vegan for a while now, you might still be missing cheese.
In fact, this might be one of the more challenging things about going vegan. You feel like you are “missing out” on certain foods that you used to love. After all, before you used to think nothing of drinking a tall glass of milk, eating eggs for breakfast, or adding cheese to practically everything!

Today, there is a wide variety of terrific vegan cheeses that taste remarkably like the real deal. However, one of the primary complaints about vegan cheese is that many are lacking when it comes to meltability.
Vegan cheeses may taste “cheesy”, but they don’t melt properly when you heat them. If you miss a gooey, melting grilled cheese sandwich, don’t worry!
Did you know there is a class you can take that will teach you how to make delicious, mouth-watering meltable vegan cheese?

All it takes is three hours of your time to learn how to make vegan mozzarella, parmesan, brie, and cheddar. In fact, not only will you learn how to make vegan cheeses, you’ll learn how to make a delicious cheesy pizza. This course if offered in both Spanish and English. You can take it either in person in Spain or online! If you can’t watch the course online live, you can even watch a recording afterwards for your convenience.

This fantastic course is offered from FREE FROM THAT Plant Based Vegan Online Training.
If you are taking the course online, you will feel like you are a real student in a classroom setting. You can also have live group interaction between you, the instructor and the rest of the class. In addition to this class on meltable vegan cheeses, they also offer a wide variety of other vegan classes that you might be interested in taking.

With the ease and convenience of online training, what’s not to love? You might also want to take a course on vegan pastries and desserts! Or how about a decadent vegan chocolate workshop?
What a great way to start off 2018 with healthy and delicious vegan food!



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