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LOS ANGELES – It Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List!

Los Angeles is the land of dreams. That’s why people travel to LA every day in the hopes of making it big, or getting rich. Moving to California in general opens up a lot of possibilities for everyone. You don’t need to have big dreams to visit and take in some of the stardust however, you just need some healthy wanderlust instead. Here’s some of the items you must cross off your bucket list when you visit Los Angeles.

Catch A Show Taping

There’s always a show taping in Los Angeles. Look up what’s filming while you’re there, and get seats to watch. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch a talk show with a big celebrity interview, or an episode of your favourite sitcom.

Hit Disneyland To Relive Your Childhood

Did you grow up watching Disney movies? Fulfill a childhood dream by visiting Disneyland, the very first Disney theme park. Disneyland sits in the Disneyland resort, which also features Disney’s California Adventure theme park and the Downtown Disney shopping area. Don’t forget your Mickey ears!

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Visit the Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore is not only a very cool bookstore
but a fantastic art gallery too. Wander through any aisle and you’re bound to trip over another thought-provoking and visually striking work of art. It’s a store that really has to be seen to be believed.

Take in Famous Venice Beach

Venice Beach shows up in so many Hollywood movies that it’s practically a film star in its own right. Go check out the unique sights and sounds of the beach, and why not try a fish taco while you’re at it? Sources say you can get the best fish taco right on the beach.

Do the Hollywood Sign Hike

Why not go see the famous Hollywood sign up close and personal? You can’t touch it anymore, due to vandalism, but you can get pretty darned close. Take the paved trail and take in some spectacular views along the way. Once you reach the top you’ll see the sign from behind, a rare sight for anyone.

Explore The Abandoned LA Zoo

Located in Griffith’s Park, this site is perfect if you want to indulge in some urban exploration. It can get pretty creepy in the abandoned animal enclosures, so much so that the Haunted Hay Ride uses the site for their Halloween haunted maze!

Watch a game at the Staples Center

This sporting auditorium is famous for hosting basketball games throughout the season. If you’re there in time, go take in a game. The atmosphere is infectious and you’ll be yelling along with the rest of the crowd in no time. We heard the Clippers are playing against the Atlanta Hawks in February.

Have Afternoon Tea at The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

This stunning hotel is the perfect place to sit down, unwind, and have afternoon tea one day when you need a break. The hotel was the original venue for the Academy Awards, so you’ll be relaxing in a living part of LA history!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more places for you to see when you’re in Los Angeles. Will you be able to tick them all off the list?

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