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Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons Masters Collaboration Bags-What WERE They Thinking?!

Many believe the new collaboration between Louis Vuitton and artist Jeff Koons is simply ridiculous.


Artist Jeff Koons has been a fixture in modern American art for decades. You might know him for his over-sized balloon animals reproduced in stainless steel or for his now defunct marriage to Italian porn star Ilona Staler.
Many have said his work has major historical importance.
Others however, have dismissed him as an artist whose works are self-merchandising and kitsch.

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Whatever your opinion, Koons has collaborated with Louis Vuitton on the Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons Masters Collection of handbags, scarves, and accessories. For the 52-piece collection, the artist took works from five famous painters, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Jean-Honore Fragonard, and Peter Paul Rubens and emblazoned them across Louis Vuitton luxury goods.

But many are criticizing this collaboration as the handbags have the artist’s names emblazoned in large gold letters like “a giant piece of hip hop jewelry.”
Indeed, many are calling this collaboration ridiculous and in poor taste. But artist Koons said, “Some people will probably think it’s too commercial, that serious artists shouldn’t make handbags. But I also think a lot of people will really dig them. They are extremely marketable.”

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The handbags also have information about the original
piece and artist who created it on the interior of the purse. The Mona Lisa bag contains information about Leonardo Da Vinci’s life and death. It also gives information about the mystery surrounding who the Mona Lisa actually was.

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The Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons Masters Collection will range from $585.00 USD for a keychain to $4,000.00 USD for a large carryall bag.

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What do YOU think? Is the new Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons Masters Collection art? Or is it just plain tacky?


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