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Magic Mike XXL: Get Ready for One Hell of a Time

The biggest complaint about “Magic Mike” was that there wasn’t enough dancing. If that was your review, then you will definitely be satisfied with this film, in more ways than one. But if you enjoyed the first film because of the balance of story and dancing, you might want to just rewatch the original.

While there are “conflicts” in the story, there aren’t really any major hurdles or hardships going on, or at least ones that are truly resolved. Ken (Matt Bomer) is dealing with the separation from his wife as, God forbid, he wanted the marriage to be monogamous. Big Dick Richie (Joe Maganiello) is dealing with the issue that his “member” is too big for most women and hasn’t had relations in quite a while, a problem resolved by the entrance of Nancy Davidson (Andie MacDowell), coincidentally the mother of Mike’s (Channing Tatum) “love interest,” Zoe (Amber Heard). Mike is having trouble growing his furniture business to the level that he needs to cover the health insurance of his one employee and recently had his proposal rejected by his girlfriend. To resolve this, he chooses to focus on a similar woman, Zoe, who appears to have it less together than his former girlfriend, because of course that puts you on the right track. And finally, Tito (Adam Rodriguez) is having trouble finding funding for his Fro-Yo Body and Mobile DJ truck that he owns with Tobias (Gabriel Iglesias).

When there was dialogue, it was generally very enjoyable, sometimes hysterical. I know I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Richie bring up Backstreet Boys trivia and then strip to “I Want It That Way” in a convenience store. I also enjoyed when all of them participated in a drag queen competition and Mike vogued like a pro. Jada Pinkett Smith really brought it as the sassy club owner and MC, Rome. And boy did choreographer, Alison Faulk, do an outstanding job. Every routine was masterfully crafted.

Despite the lack of hurdles and hoops to jump through, if you think of it as a basic road trip movie where they hit a few bumps along the way and celebrate when they finally arrive to their destination, then you will enjoy it. This isn’t “The King’s Speech” or “Good Will Hunting.” It’s a film about five strippers having their last hurrah before pursuing new ventures. So just go and have one hell of a time.







Magic Mike XXL: Get Ready for One Hell of a Time

Magic Mike XXL: Get Ready for One Hell of a Time

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