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Makeup for Valentine’s Day – Soft Look

Valentine’s Day is all about red and pink. Red decorations, red dresses, and of course red lipstick. But Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about celebrating your love for your partner, and truthfully, the majority of men are not a fan of lipstick. While red lipstick is glamorous, it’s not the most kissable and not a great choice for the ultimate date night.

Over the years, I’ve talked to many men about makeup and I compiled a lot of information about what they like when it comes to beauty. If you’re a fan of VIVA GLAM, you’re definitely a fan of makeup so here’s a look I suggest for the big V-Day.

FOUNDATION: Light, dewy but not overly shimmery. Skip the highlighter on the tip of your nose and keep it very settled on your cheekbones.

EYEBROWS: Keep your eyebrows as natural as possible. If you still need to fill them in, try to make sure they don’t look too penciled in. Use a eyebrow powder for a softer look.

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EYES: A soft, smokey eye works great for date night, but skip the eyeliner in the waterline. You can still frame your eyes with a soft powder eyeshadow in the browns, taupe, or bronze color. If you prefer a “nude eye” with an eyeliner, go for it! But instead of using liquid eyeliner, use powder eyeshadow to create a settled wink eyeliner. If you choose to wear false eyelashes, choose a thinner style to avoid too strong of a look.

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BLUSH: Almost none. Keep your cheeks as naked as possible. A little touch of pink or bronze is OK.

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LIPS: Skip the lip liner and use only a tinted balm. If you can’t live without the lip liner, use a color closest to your natural lip color and fill in the rest of your lips with it. No lip gloss is needed. If your lips are dry, use a gentle lip balm.

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When it comes to makeup, men prefer women to wear a “soft look”. No liquid eyeliner, no bright lip colors, no lipgloss, and not too much shimmer. They want to be able to look into your eyes and dream. If your eye makeup looks like a warrior from the ancient Greece, men will most likely have a hard time connecting with what’s underneath the makeup .¨ the beautiful you.

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Hair Tip:

To complement your soft makeup, choose a hairstyle that’s simple and romantic. No messy hair, no bedroom look. Choose a classy look that compliments your outfit such as the 40s soft wave, wavy big hair, a smooth up-do, or a simple ponytail. Keep it simple and classy and your man won’t be able to keep his hands off of you!

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