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#MeToo and You and You and You

Honestly, who CAN’T use #metoo?

A rather surprisingly revelation came to my attention this week in light of the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a woman that I know who hasn’t been sexually harassed.


Earlier this month when actress Alyssa Milano used #metoo on her social media, she was surprised to see thousands of other women using the same hashtag to say that they were also the victims of sexual harassment.


This made me realize that out of all of the women that I know personally, some in the entertainment industry and some not, I can’t think of a single person who has not been harassed by men in some fashion.  This type of harassment may include bullying, being groped, being exposed to, clothes being forcibly pulled off of them, name calling, verbal abuse, being badgered, unwelcome advances, rape, attempted rape, stalking, and obscene remarks, just to name a few things.

These women are not all overly attractive, young, or sexy. They are simply women of all ages, sizes, and colors.  And yet the common denominator between them is harassment. Perhaps the one positive byproduct of the Harvey Weinstein situation is that it has brought to light what our society tends to hide under the floorboards — we are a lax society when it comes to inappropriate behavior. Instead of calling men out on their bad behavior, we say, “oh, boys will be boys”.  Or we believe that bullying in any form is merely a “rite of passage” that you must simply endure.


Also, when it comes to dating, we allow men to not hear one of the most important words: NO. “No” does not mean “try harder”. “No” does not mean, “I’m playing hard to get.” Nor does it mean, “I don’t know what I’m talking about”. “No” means only one thing: NO.  Men need to understand the only appropriate response to this is: “While I am disappointed, I will seek elsewhere.”

We need to have more stringent boundaries. Our society should have greater consequences for inappropriate behavior, not merely a slap on the wrist, or worse yet, no consequences at all.  Until then, we will have to deal with the Harvey Weinsteins of the world simply because they are allowed to get away with it.

Remember, you get what you allow. Hopefully, in light of these allegations, society will step up to action when it should have done this so a very long time ago.



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