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Most People Don’t Know that Disney Parks Offer This Service

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Certain Disney World Tours Offer You a Glimpse of Disney’s Underground Tunnel System

Disney World vs Disneyland

Whether you’re traveling to Disney World or Disneyland, you probably don’t realize that they offer specialty tour services. No, I’m not talking about the expensive private guides, rather group tours most people can comfortably afford. While the tour price is in addition to your park admission, it is well worth it to consider one of these specialty tours while you are visiting your favorite park. Most tours include a delicious lunch and souvenir pin as a part of the experience.

At Disneyland, you can go trick-or-treating at Halloween time with the “Happiest Haunts” tour, get front-row seats for the holiday parade at the “Holiday Time at the Disneyland Resort” tour, or get a tour of Walt’s Main Street apartment over the firehouse with the “A Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps” tour.

Being larger in size, Disney World offers even more exciting tour services from wild-life treks to scuba adventures. Perhaps the most interesting and exciting tour offered at Disney World is the “Keys to the Kingdom Tour.” This 5-hour tour is designed to give you interesting information and tidbits about the history and environment of the Magic Kingdom park.

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