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No More Guessing: This is How to Correctly Layer Your Skincare

You’ve purchased the best, most highly recommended skincare products out there. You are diligent about your skincare routine -you approach it responsibly and always take the time to nurture the skin in the morning as well as in the evening. You’re perseverant – you don’t abandon a product if it doesn’t provide you with instant results because you know consistency is key. Still, you aren’t seeing the promised results and your skincare routine is not living up to its promise.

You start questioning .¨ does the order in which I apply the products really matter? The answer is definitely “yes.” You could have the best skincare products on the market and not see the benefits if you’re not going about your routine correctly. So, let’s end this hit-and-miss game once and for all.

Let’s discover the proper steps and you are bound to see your skin flourish, that’s a promise.

Always remove it first

Once the day is over, it’s time to remove your armor – the makeup. It’s always best to use makeup remover before you move on to washing your face. Not only will it do most of the heavy lifting, especially with stubborn eye makeup, but it will also allow the face wash to provide you with that squeaky clean feel. You have a number of options – there is micellar water, makeup removal wipes, and oil-free makeup removers. They all get the job done, so it’s only a matter of preference, and of course, skin type.

Wash away

Now that every trace of makeup has been removed, it’s time to proceed with a face wash. Again, there are different washes, so choose the kind that suits your skin type best. There are milky cleansers for acne prone skin, gentle ones for combination skin, foamy washes for dry, so make sure you have the right one and then dive in. Make sure you wash your face by massaging the product into the face starting at the hairline in small, circular motions. Never forget the hairline and the neck as neglecting these areas can lead to breakouts.

Restore balance

If you’re battling acne, discoloration, or simply have oily or combination skin, a toner is a definite must as it helps with clogged pores and excess sebum and provides you with an even skin tone. Just make sure you don’t use anything that contains alcohol as the drying effect of the ingredient can only irritate the skin and actually cause more oil production. Make sure you get enough product on the cotton pad so that it feels damp but not so wet that you’re wasting the liquid. Go with the pad smoothly across your face in upward motions, and don’t forget the d‚àö¬©colletage and the neck.

The ultimate weapon

There were times when after toner came moisturizer and that was it. However, there is a (fairly) new product on the market, and it’s time you got familiar with it. This power player goes under the name of skin serum and the reason why it should become a staple in your skincare collection lies in its numerous benefits. Serums contain more active ingredients than any moisturizer out there, and because of the light consistency of the product, it’s mandatory to apply it on clean (and toned) skin. The skin absorbs the products with great ease when completely clean, and that’s where the magic happens. Thanks to a large amount of antioxidants, serums are a powerful tool that combats premature skin aging, minimizes pores, provides the skin with additional moisture, and can even combat skin issues such as acne and clogged pores.

The familiar

Thanks to the thicker and heavier ingredients, a moisturizer is the step you take after the serum as it locks in moisture and provides a kind of a barrier between the skin and external pollutants. It’s the final protective/nurturing layer that increases the effectiveness of the serum and keeps pollutants at bay. Nighttime calls for night cream, and daytime, of course, for a day moisturizer. Now, the importance of using sun block can’t be stressed enough, but if you feel like this extra step is too much for you, there are always amazing moisturizers that contain high SPF so don’t be afraid to take the double-duty route.

Optional step

Although it’s never too early to start using eye cream, this is really a judgment call, but you should know that the skin around the eyes is delicate and it should be taken care of early on. If you do use an eye cream, make sure you apply it after the moisturizer using gentle tapping motions – no rubbing or tugging.

Now you are in the know, so go and unveil your best skin yet.

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