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OMG, Lisa Frank’s Makeup Line is so Awesomely 90’s!

Unicorns, rainbows, and leopards, oh my!
For those of you who grew up in the 90s, you might remember fantasizing over Lisa Frank’s whimsical designs that were on stickers, lunchboxes, toys and so much more! Her designs featured bright pastel colors, unicorns, rainbows, dolphins, pandas and basically everything a young girl would adore! And who can forget her ultra fab Trapper Keepers!


Well, now our dream has come true as Lisa Frank is now launching a fully vegan makeup line! That’s right, all of the young girls who loved her artwork in the 90s will now love her cosmetics!


Frank has teamed up with beauty brand, Glamour Dolls, a company that is known for its cruelty-free products.
Jessica Romano, co-founder of Glamour Dolls, said, “Our brand is bold and colorful and fun and it just aligns perfectly with her image and her brand.”
And co-founder Peter Georgotas said, “My sister had Lisa Frank stuff, so when I saw it, I was like, .≤oh, I remember this!’ She is a big name with a lot of emotional connection. She speaks to people in a universal way.”


Already one product has been released. It is an angled brush ($4.99) on the Glamour Doll website.
And, true to form, Frank’s fun unicorn design appears on the brush’s handle.
Soon to be released are a liquid eyeliner, makeup bag, highlighter powder, mousse lip color and a “unicorn lippie”!


Even You Tube makeup star, Kandee Johnson, announced the launch and said, “[ Lisa Frank’s ] line is geared toward that .≤80s and .≤90s kid that grew up loving all these fun colors, patterns, prints and characters, and wants a little more of that in their life. I can’t tell you how much I loved everything Lisa Frank as a kid, and I still love all kinds of Lisa Frank thing. I even got to meet Lisa Frank, the real person, and she’s adorable and awesome and so amazing, just like I always dreamed that she would be.”

How awesome! We’re right with you Kandee!


Lisa Frank's makeup line wallpaper


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