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Our Favorite Products from BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is a favorite makeup brand of VIVA GLAM Magazine. BH Cosmetics is native to Los Angeles, so it has always thrived on the idea of diversity. From their love of culture and diversity comes the bright, vivid colors that make up their palettes. We love how bold and fearless their color options are, and we are thrilled that they offer vegan and cruelty-free products, as well!

Our favorite vegan BH Cosmetics products are the Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer, the Glam Reflection 15 Color Shadow Palettes, and their full line of vegan brushes.

Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer

The Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer is one of the best concealers that we have tried. It is a liquid creme that applies very evenly and subtly, and there is a wide variety of color options for all skin tones in addition to color correctors in pink, yellow, peach, and white. This concealer makes you feel like you aren’t wearing makeup at all, and that’s a great feeling.

Glam Reflection 15 Color Shadow Palettes

The Glam Reflection palettes are a favorite of ours because they offer a variety of different color options for any woman. You can go nude with creamy mattes or amp up your look with dimension and glow. We love that any girl can express her glam any way she sees fit with the wide variety of colors.

Vegan Brushes

BH Cosmetics offers a wide variety of vegan brushes. From concealer brushes to eye sets to contour and lip brushes, they offer a vegan brush for every occasion. We love how soft yet firm the synthetic bristles of these brushes are.

BH Cosmetics prides themselves on their ability to continue to grow and evolve, surpassing everyone’s expectations of makeup. We love that about them, and we love that you can express your individuality with their bright color palettes. What’s your favorite vegan BH Cosmetic item?

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