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Pink Lips? Contour? This is What Your Makeup Says About You!

What is your makeup saying about you?

ICYDK, your makeup says a lot about you. It reveals to the world much about the way you think about yourself, society, and the world around you. Some of us could never imagine leaving the house without makeup, even to run to the grocery store. Others go bare-faced or with barely a stitch of makeup on and don’t give it a second thought.

Whatever your preference, your makeup tells us a lot about who you are! Here are a few looks and what each one represents!

Pink Lips and Strong Eyeliner

You are a definite Type A personality. You are also organized and self-sufficient. You love details and can even remember birthdays without having to be reminded. You love to wear bold eyeliner and your makeup is always picture perfect! Pink lips compliment your polished face.

Statement Brows, Stained Lips, and Flushed Cheeks

You are feminine, yet strong and secure. You like to make bold statements so your makeup looks creative yet confident. You love rosy cheeks, strong brows, and bright lips. Color is your best friend and you love being the center of attention!

Dark, Black Lashes and Vamp Lips

Your personality is bold and upfront. You might even be considered dramatic. You love dark lipstick and long lashes.
You are fierce, strong, dark, and mysterious, and your beauty shows this.

Barely-There Makeup

You are calm in nature. Some may mistake your calmness for being too passive and a like a doormat, but this is not true. You are the one who tries to keep the peace amongst others. You are laid-back and we can see this in your makeup. The bold look definitely isn’t you. Instead, your makeup routine usually takes about five minutes to do. You like tinted lip balm, BB Cream, and cheek stain and you don’t worry about the other stuff!

Dramatic Eye and Lots of Contour

You love to express yourself with your emotions and you aren’t afraid to let them out. You express yourself through your makeup with contour on your cheekbones and a heavily made-up eye. You’ll be the one who cries during movies and laughs the loudest, but you also enjoy life the most, too!


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