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Primark’s Cosmetic Brand Is Now Cruelty-Free

Primark has announced that its own-brand of beauty products, “PS.” is 100% cruelty free!

The brand known for its skincare, makeup and hair care products received the coveted Leaping Bunny certification by Cruelty Free International – an animal protection and advocacy group that’s internationally recognized as the gold standard certification program that allows consumers to identify and buy products free of animal testing, according to the report by LiveKindly.

“Leaping Bunny accreditation at Primark means there’s now even more choice for people looking for affordable cosmetics on the high street that are not only guaranteed cruelty-free but also follow the latest trends and deliver as well as more expensive products,” said Primark.

The press release continued saying that “With over 2,500 products and 7,000 individual ingredients verified, the certification programme is one of the largest ever undertaken by Cruelty Free International.”

The move towards cruelty-free products was considered after the brand received feedback from a growing number of customers worried about the products’ impact on animals.

“We want to congratulate Primark for demonstrating it’s possible to bring high-quality cosmetics products to the high street without inflicting suffering on animals,” said Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International in an interview with The Sun.

Cruelty Free International works toward putting a stop to animal testing and the world is agreeing with this movement. Public opinion on this matter has changed: A recent survey showed that almost half of women support a cosmetic animal testing ban, and 620 MPs from the European Parliament have expressed their support

Almost 40 countries have prohibited cosmetic animal testing, and this includes the entire European Union. One of the most recent changes is happening in Canada, where the Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act (Bill S-214) was passed by the Senate and is moving forward to get the approval in the House of Commons. Cruelty Free International also made the announcement of their pilot program that is aimed to end
cosmetic animal testing in China.

Other legislative moves have started in New York and California: the two major cities are working towards a statewide ban on the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. In June, the California Senate passed the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act (SB1249) and the legislation is now pending review by the Assembly.

But for now, the Leaping Bunny logo will be present on all Primark own brand cosmetics which means that beauty products lovers can shop their favorite items knowing that they are completely free of animal testing.

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