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Pucker Up! The Guide to Getting Perfectly Full Lips

Plump lips is a trend that doesn’t seem to want to go away; if anything, the lips are getting bigger by the day. While it’d be great to have the luxury of drowning in lip fillers like all of our fave celebs, it’s just not realistic. We need quick fixes, we need simple steps we can easily take to try to fake the Kylie lip we don’t have. Some of us aren’t willing to go far enough to get our lips done; some of us aren’t particularly into the duck lips effect. We just want to give our lips some extra oomph.

Look no further, we’ve provided you a few tricks you can use to easily create the lips of your dreams. These tips can really be personalized; just experiment and have some fun on your way to your personal lip goals!

Brush & Buff

No simple tips and tricks list is complete without the use of a staple household item. You use this everyday around the region of your lips, but it’s time you took them straight to the source: your toothbrush! After brushing your teeth, give them a little scrub with your toothbrush to really exfoliate any dead skin, as well as to get some blood rushing to your lips.

Not only is this going to plump your lips, but it’s also going to give them a natural flush and you can just stop here for a natural lip look! BONUS TIP: apply a little bit of toothpaste onto it when doing this, it’ll give your lips some cooling minty freshness and the mint will further plump your lips!



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Well, apparently you can contour just about anything these days, so why not your lips? Contouring them is simpler than anything, it only takes one tool–your lip liner. Grab a lip liner that’s slightly darker than your natural lip color and begin by outlining your lips. Then, slightly fill in the edges to give you an ombr‚àö¬© effect.


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To add more shape and fullness to your lips, you can also take the liner and draw a few vertical lines in the center of your bottom lip, and then two vertical lines on either side of that little bump under your Cupid’s bow. This is an ideal way to achieve that Angelina Jolie plump lip!

Two-toned lip


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Ombr‚àö¬© lip looks are on trend, but they’re also a perfect way to achieve fuller lips. Pick a darker and lighter shade of the same color, but make sure the difference isn’t too stark. Begin by applying your darker lippie on the edges and pat it inwards. Then add a few dabs of your lighter lipsticks right in the center of your lips to give it dimension. Leave them looking poutier than ever.

Patting motions

We’ve all got it down, we can apply lipstick in our sleep really. Some of us have even mastered swiping it on without a mirror, but when it comes to getting a plumper finish you might want to try out a new technique. Instead of the classical swipe, try patting your lipstick on. Bounce it onto your lips; it’s guaranteed to get the blood flowing and give them some extra va-va-voom!

Cupid’s Bow Glow


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We do love our highlighter, so why not throw some into the mix here. Placing some highlighter onto your Cupid’s bow and give your upper lip some extra lift to fake a natural pout!

Emphasize the center



While you’ve got the highlighter on hand, why not pat some onto the center of your lip. Adding some extra brightness to the center can give you bit more dimension and just take your pout to the next level!
There you have it! Now you can easily apply these tips to your makeup routine. Have fun and pucker up!
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