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Renowned West Philly Taco Shop Will Go Full Vegan

Famous Philadelphia taco shop Honest Tom’s Taco Shop, located at 44th and Locust Street in West Philly, announced that is going full vegan. The store is set to be re-branded as Honest Tom’s Plant-Based Taco Shop.

According to One Green Planet, the change comes after Tom McCusker, owner of the renowned taqueria, became a full vegan a year ago and he decided to extend his passion for 100% plant-based food to his business.

McCusker initially had some cynicism towards the vegan movement, but after embracing this lifestyle he aligned his shop with his new plant-based values and renovated his restaurant’s menu, leaving out all the meat and cheese for exclusively plant-based ingredients. Processed and wheat-based vegan meats will not be served and that there will not be any room for meat replacements such as seitan and tofu.

The menu excludes completely any chicken, eggs, and beef and instead, people can go for burritos made with whole food-based meats, such as “biff,” created from walnuts; “carbacoa,” made from carrots and lentils; and mixture of chickpeas and plantains known as “chucken”, that’s set to replicate tinga, a traditional Mexican dish.

“It’s all about highlighting vegetables,” McCusker said in an interview. However, the announcement received a mixed response. “If I’ve been making the best food you ever had for a decade like some people are saying, why would I all of a sudden start making the worst?” said the restaurateur.

“Some people are going to hate it,” McCusker added. “I’m just trying to tell them to check it out. You’ll be shocked at how good it is. You might hate vegans, but try it out. And then if you still hate it, walk away.”

If Philly omnivores are ready to give vegan food a try, a taste of delicious vegan tacos could be a great way to start. And for the already established vegan scene in Philly, they are sure to love this new addition to their restaurant options!


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