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Sexy, Daring Dark Lipstick Inspiration

When the weather gets colder, the lipstick gets darker. The ideal shades for fall are darker and bolder. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a daring, dark lip during the summer. Since fashion and makeup don’t follow many rules now, everything is allowed. There were times when burgundy lips were only reserved for winter and fall, but that is not the case anymore. Dark lipstick has become an essential makeup product in every woman’s collection.

These days, dark lipsticks are available in many different shades. You can choose one that comes in a palette of reds, especially if you have a light complexion. The burgundy, cherry red, and maroon all flatter fair skin tones. The shades of purple, such as plum and grape, can really make a huge change in your appearance and give you that wow factor that will bring all eyes on you. Brown and copper lipstick were also trending recently. Those colors are ideal for many different occasions.

A lot of celebrities decide to flaunt a dark lipstick for their appearances on the red carpets. This is just another reason for you to try out this look. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Emma Stone, Ashley Graham wore daring lipstick colors during events such as The Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammy Awards and more. Beyoncé even decided to paint her lips black to match with her all-black outfit.

You don’t have to be attending a special gala to rock a dark lipstick. You can wear it as an accessory to a simple monochromatic outfit worn out to lunch with your best friend. Need more inspiration? Take a look at the perfect celebrity examples on how to wear a daring, bold lip color.

Demi Lovato

Sexy, Daring Dark Lipstick Inspiration Demi Lovato

Photo By: @patrickta/Instagram

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