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Shifting Through Fear in Flight

Something nobody knows about me: I’M TERRIFIED TO FLY!!!

I was confronted head on with one of my biggest fears the other day.well, actually, many fears. I was to attend what was arguably the most important meeting of my life.super exciting! Problem was, the meeting was in Seattle, Washington.and I’m terrified to fly! In this article, I would like to take you with me on my journey leading up to my Seattle flight, starting with the moment I was paralyzed with terrifying fear. This is how it unfolded.this is how I was Shifted in flight.this is what I learned. Ready for takeoff? Here we go!


This was my Facebook post of complete terror the morning before takeoff:

“I haven’t been on a plane since 2011 when I went to China to show our brand at fashion week. Ever since then, if I ever needed to fly, I made an excuse to get out of it. Tomorrow my excuses have run out…I can’t find an excuse good enough to miss the meetings we’ve worked so hard for, I keep trying to find a way out and I can’t. I’m starting to panic and I can’t breath. It’s sounds foolish, I know, but I’m petrified to get on that plane tomorrow, I feel like my numbers up. I’m not sure how to get over this fear. I’m going alone which makes the whole thing worse. Please send me some sort of vibes that will help me. I trust God, I do, but I have this uneasy feeling that I may not make it back, if that’s God’s plan, I guess I just need to man-up and except whatever happens. Being a scaredy-cat sucks! Love you guys!”

It’s obvious in reading this post that I was completely overtaken by fear, the fear of flying, the fear of failure, the fear of responsibility, and most of all.the fear of success. Yes, I was afraid to fly, but what did it stem from? What was I really afraid of? My answer SHOCKED ME!

It all came down to CONTROL. Had I turned into a control freak? Had I lost faith and trust in God and myself? The answer is a surprising YES, at least for a small moment. Fear can overtake us and cause some uncharacteristic responses.

My partner and I had worked so hard on our product and company, for years it had been our central focus. It was our baby, everything we thought was what we created and controlled. A little over a year ago we gave up some equity in the company in order to see it to market. Over this past year this has proved to be one of hardest things for me to deal with, I’ve been trying with all my might to hang on to some sort of control.anything that made me feel I was in control. The reality is, I would have been much better served, and much stronger, if I would’ve just let go and trusted a long time ago. I tell you all this because I think it directly leads up to that one defining moment of terror the morning before my flight to Seattle.

“Sometimes we’re holding on so tight that we don’t allow ourselves to let it go. It’s ok, it’s about trust and faith. By letting go, we let God.”

In looking back on that Facebook post of terror, I realize that by allowing myself to express my fear in such an outwardly and public way, it actually set me free. I was in fact releasing my fear. I didn’t know it at the time, but that is exactly what was taking place.

I also realize that I was letting myself be controlled by fear, fear of many kinds. That flight represented all I was afraid of. Flying, failure, responsibility, and success. In my subconscious, this meeting held all those fears in its hands. Yes, there was most certainly a chance I could I fail. Yes, there was a possibility this meeting would bring on much more responsibility. Yes, if I succeeded that would mean we were tied to this endeavor and much more hard work was to follow. But most importantly I realize that by having the courage to state my fears out loud, was a sign that I had a deep desire to conquer and overcome those same fears.I wanted to succeed.

The responses I received to the Facebook post of terror were nothing short of unbelievable. The love, compassion, and support I received from people I’ve mostly never met face-to-face was totally astounding and touched me on a level I can’t even put into words. I would like to share some of the wisdom and love I received that day.

“You will find a way to get through this. I have faith in you.”

“Have faith in God, know we all are one and we are with you.”

“It’s going to be ok… promise.”

“Sending you good vibes. Bring Melatonin and lavender oil. Thoughts of purple aura surround you and keep you grounded eternally. You will achieve and you will be successful and you will be proud! Keeping vibing high, love you and I believe in you. You can do this and you will do this.”

“The planes are both safe for you to fly on. You will arrive safely in all locations.
Don’t listen to thoughts that tell you otherwise…they are lying to you in an attempt to make you weak and keep you stuck in the mind’s stories of you and your life. Focus on love and the power of connection.
Ask your heart/ your soul self if there is any need for fear.
The answer is always be, “No”. And you won’t be alone.
Your angels are with you, I’ll be with you in spirit and you’ll have all of the other human family members in the plane with you. Thank you for sharing this with us.
We are all connected to you.
<3. You can do it!!!”


“Don’t let fear control your life. Stay positive as I know you are. Bring relaxing music, a great book, and I sometimes indulge with a specific libation.
Good luck to you!!! Sending my love.”

“Again, another thing WE have in common, I do not like flying at all my friend, I so feel ya here… I have gotten better though and I’m so proud of you for being you and seeing it through, LOVE you Michael-Blu!”


This was my Facebook post the following morning- quite a different emotional feel:

“Because of all the incredible love vibes, I woke up in a field of sunflowers. Today is a day filled with dreams manifested. Today I brake through fear to claim what God has already delivered. I went to bed a caterpillar and woke up a butterfly. Thank you all for your love and support. I’m grateful beyond these words.”

This reminded me how important and special we all are. How we were all created with a special purpose, with a unique gift, and a heart with so much positive power…enough to literally cause change, to initiate a shift in a brilliant direction, and powerful enough to actually connect us to a miraculous God. We are all connected to this universe we inhabit, and we are connected to every living thing…that includes each other. We are brothers and sisters…we are one…we are LOVE.

The universe is amazing, my heart is so moved and touched by the kind humans beings in this still magnificent world. Together we can cause a shift to a more compassionate and loving planet. Love always shines through.

My plane trip to Seattle was one of those trips that makes all those dark fearful moments worthwhile. All the hard work. All the blood, sweat, tears and fears. All the insane moments. All the worrying. All the doubt. All the second guessing. All the creative inspiration. All the peanut butter sandwiches. All the headaches. All the dreams. All the screaming. All the love. ALL WORTHWHILE…ALL WORTH IT.

How’d the meeting go you ask? Unbelievable! Extraordinary! Fantastic!

Viva Blu Seth Farms!

“Moving forward from your heart will always keep you on the right path.”

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