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Should You Be Using Castor Oil for Fuller Eyebrows?

No matter what beauty dilemma we find ourselves facing, we’re automatically hopping onto Google or Pinterest to look for DIY solutions. We’ve also all fallen victim to blindly trusting a home remedy, if it comes up enough during your research then surely it must work, right? Well, it’s time we took what we slather onto our skin or hair a lot more seriously.

More and more studies are proving that age old home remedies actually cause more harm than good. Everyone is still in mourning for the loss of the toothpaste pimple solution. RIP convenience. Well there’s a new ingredient we’re all over, so it’s time to get exposed. Castor oil has been a classical hair growth solution for years and years. It has worked absolute miracles for people’s lashes and eyebrows, but is it time to put the oil aside?

Castor Oil Benefits

Castle Oil is a natural ingredient that has a bunch of benefits when it comes to hair growth. It contains a lot of fatty acids, which makes it ideal for triggering your hair follicles to grow faster. It is actually also packed with a ton of vitamin E and protein which are very popular in hair growth products.

Why the Hype?

The reason castor oil has been the most popular eyelash and eyebrow growth solution is because of how fast it works. The high penetrative power of the oil means it really soaks deep into your skin. This allows it work super fast at growing the hairs and preventing hair loss.
It has gotten more and more popular — the more success stories we see all over Instagram. Countless women have tried this out and it has given them amazing results. So why should we question it?

The Downfall

As with most things, this was definitely too good to be true. Over the past year a few stories keep coming up, including one published in Marie Claire, that had a less than fortunate ending to the castor oil miracle story…
The science behind how castor oil can go badly is a story we’re familiar with; its biggest strength was also its downfall. Remember when we mentioned how penetrative this is? Now, that may be great for getting super quick results, but it’s not so great on your skin. After getting the amazing results, people began to notice how rough and dry the skin underneath their eyebrows became. The oil was simply too harsh and stripped the skin of its natural oils. The intense penetration becomes way too much for your skin after a while, and it begins to automatically dry itself out to protect itself against it.
Well, for many castor oil users the trauma doesn’t end there. After enjoying the amazing results for a while, people began to notice that they were slowly but surely losing all the eyebrow hairs they had grown. The whole process begins to reverse itself, and the worst part is that your skin underneath is way too damaged to try to get brow tattoos or glue on brow extensions!

So, Should You Be Using Castor Oil for Eyebrows?

We’re gonna give that a hard NO! While the initial growth is great, and it may have worked out just fine for some people. We find that it’s just not worth the risk! Sometimes it’s best to accept that a quick fix isn’t always the best fix. Gently conditioning your hair with vitamin E Oil or even coconut oil is a much safer but slower method of growing your eyebrows. You need to find products that are going to condition the skin underneath as well as your eyebrow hairs, that’s the only way to avoid going brow-bald!
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