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Spring Cleaning Your Closet For Cash

There are some women who are okay with the closet purge, and then there are those who would sooner rip their own teeth out before parting with their beloved wardrobe. Okay, calm down, take a deep breath, and have a glass of wine – it’s okay! Life is all about change and getting rid of the contents of your closet can be absolutely liberating!

Spring cleaning and wardrobe purges are much easier now, especially with all of the online sites you can use to get rid of that pile of unused laundry. Great news: you can make a profit off of it while you’re purging – isn’t that cool? We’re going to look at some of the best websites for selling your used clothing and get you on the path to a brand new (used) wardrobe.

Ebay – The Traditional Purging Method

If you’ve ever been on the internet then you already know about eBay, but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty years, we’re going to go ahead and fill you in. Essentially, eBay is an auction site where your clothes aren’t guaranteed to sell, but if you’re willing to type up a good sales pitch and take some quality pictures, there’s a good chance you’ll get some bids. Just make sure not to undersell yourself! Also, eBay owns Paypal, which means payment is easier than ever.


thredUP offers 90% off your favorite brands, and it does more than just women’s clothing – you can get rid of the entire family’s wardrobe here, men, women, and children. Spring cleaning has never been easier

Poshmark – The Ultimate Tool

Right now, Poshmark holds the distinction of being one of the largest social commerce marketplaces in the area of fashion. Anyone that has something to sell is welcome there so long as it meets the quality standards, and if you’re looking to buy, you can easily sort through a wide range of different brands. If you love fashion and have fashion to sell, this is the best place to be – aside from all the other purging hotspots we’re going to list.

Material World – For the Material Girl

If you’re a material girl looking to gain some more material, then this is a great resource for you. It’s much like the others, and you can expect some of the highest quality standards on used clothing. Some of the standards include an intolerance for stains, and most definitely no tears. Everything you get will be like new and ready to wear.

ReFashioner – The Indie Girl’s Dream

The indie girl will feel right at home here .¨ the designs are more interesting, they stand out more, and quite honestly, it might be the best place to sell some of those more unique pieces that you’ve been holding onto. It can be hard to let go, especially if it’s really unique, but you never know what you might get back from ReFashioner.

The Real Real

Navigating The Real Real is as Easy Easy as you can expect. The categories are separated simply, and with a 70% consignment, you can expect to make quite the profit by cleaning out your closet. Plus, the site has gift cards .¨ what more could you ask for?


Finally, we have Tradesy. Not only is it entirely authentic, it offers 90% off your favorite brands, and it even sells wedding fashion! How cool is that?

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