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“The 90s Girl” Episode 5, Part I: “Glamour Garden” in the Making

Come with us as we help to create Katarina’s latest makeup masterpiece, “Glamour Garden”!

In the latest episode of “The 90s Girl”, come with us as we take an exciting look behind the making of a beautiful lipstick collection, “Glamour Garden” from the mind of Katarina Van Derham.

Follow the creative minds of VIVA GLAM Magazine as they branch out to create and collaborate with LA Splash Cosmetics to bring you a new, gorgeous limited-edition set of lipsticks in a glamorous keepsake box. “Glamour Garden” is Katarina’s passion project made to encompass the beauty and light that will help you manifest your own best life possible.

Filled with positive energy, these lipsticks will invoke and inspire you. In this special, behind-the-scenes look, you’ll see how involved Katarina and VIVA GLAM Magazine are in every aspect of this beauty and lifestyle company.
Watch as you’ll be inspired by part one of this two-part episode that might lead you to create the life of your dreams too!

As you see in this episode, you can live an ethical and glamorous lifestyle without sacrificing quality or luxury. In creating these cruelty-free lipsticks, Katarina is showing us that she believes that everything is energy and that compassionate living affects us all on a spiritual, mental, and physical level.
She won’t settle for less in the creation of this new line of makeup. You’ll see in this episode that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of YOUR life by being vegan and compassionate either. On the contrary, your positive energy will affect not only your life, but the lives of those around you. And, if YOU shine, you will bring some of that light into other’s lives too!

So, come with us as we take a look into another day in the life of Katarina Van Derham and the VIVA GLAM team!


The 90s Girl: Episode 4 ‘VIVA MEXICO’

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