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The Best Chinese Food Options for Vegans

Vegan Chinese food is easier than you think!

Most of us are familiar with Chinese food in Western culture because of Chinese take-out.  We’ve had Chinese food delivered to our houses in white boxes with red print on them. We love the egg rolls, soup, and sweet and sour dishes swimming in pineapples and a tangy sauce. However, if you choose to eat a meat-free diet, what Chinese food options are out there for you?


Well, you are in luck (or have good fortune as the Chinese say) because there are so many vegan options for you!  And whether you choose to dine at a restaurant or order delivery, you will always find something that you can enjoy. First off, you can make almost any Chinese dish vegan by choosing to add tofu as your protein.  If a dish typically has chicken, fish, pork, or beef, just ask them to substitute the meat for tofu. These can include garlic tofu, cashew tofu, tofu and broccoli, orange tofu, kung pao tofu, and sweet and sour tofu, just to name a few.


As far as appetizers are concerned, you can order veggie spring rolls rather than egg rolls with meat. This goes the same for steamed dumplings. Instead of those filled with pork, chicken, or beef, order ones that are made with veggies. You can also order noodles that are seasoned with sesame and vegetables rather than meat such as vegetable chow mein and tofu chow mein. And of course, most Chinese restaurants have delicious salads.


If you love fried rice (who doesn’t?) just order it without meat or eggs. Chinese food is known for its abundance of vegetable dishes including steamed vegetables, garlic sautéed green beans, and garlic eggplant.

With so many choices, you’ll never have to eat the same thing twice. So, enjoy your Chinese food and know that your meal is also a compassionate one.



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The Best Chinese Food Options for Vegans

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