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The Best Cruelty-Free Drugstore Makeup for the Budgeting Babe

Makeup is not cheap. A solid trip to Sephora will usually put a huge dent in your pocket. What can we do? We love it. Luckily, over the past few years, the drugstore has been on a come back. We’re seeing more and more affordable products competing with higher end ones. It is safe to say that today you can have a solid quality makeup collection that consists entirely of drugstore purchases. While we’re loving this, it can get trickier if you’re strictly cruelty free.

Nothing seems quite as unjust in this world than how difficult it is to maintain your lifestyle while protecting the animals. Well, no more! Who said you can’t have popping makeup while showing the animals some love? We’ve put together a list of must-have cruelty free makeup brands that are either sold in the drugstore or at drugstore prices- time to save some cash along with the animals!


Who said that going cruelty free means having to spend more? The truth is, some of the cheapest drugstore makeup brands are actually cruelty-free, and a prime example is e.l.f. With prices ranging from $1 to $20 e.l.f. has continued to provide a wide range of quality products at an insanely affordable price. Some of our favorites have to be their Flawless Foundation and their contour palettes!

NYX Professional Makeup

Cruelty-free or not, NYX have always been a staple drugstore favorite for professional makeup artists. The brand provides some of the highest quality makeup and in such a wide range of shades and colors. We like to think of them as the MAC of the drugstore! Be sure to pick up their contour palette or highlighting palettes for a blinding glow!


You can get some amazing cruelty-free drugstore makeup, but that’s not all you need. Ecotools provide you with all the tools you could possibly need to apply your makeup. From uniquely shaped brushes to foundation sponges; they even have a range of brush cleansers. Ecotools have an extremely wide range of brushes, enough for you to be able to rely entirely on them!

Physicians Formula

From their holy grail shimmer bricks to their recent Butter Bronzer, Physicians Formula always seem to get a lot of attention. More on the higher end of pricing, Physicians Formula has such a wide variety of makeup that often ends up all over YouTube. Their powder products are always so buttery and blendable, and we especially love their mascara range!

Wet n Wild

This brand has been around for ages and ages, offering prices comparable to (if not lower) than e.l.f. Wet n Wild’s eyeshadow palettes were all the rage back in the day. The YouTube beauty guru community all swore by Comfort Zones. Today they’ve made a huge comeback with their release of one of the best highlighter formulas on the market. Their products are constantly sold out which only speaks to their amazing quality. We love their Precious Petals highlighter and the Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks!

Pixi By Petra

Granted, this brand is definitely the most expensive of the bunch, but it still is a more affordable option. This skincare brand using the best natural ingredients to cater to sensitive struggling skin. They have a wide range from products for acne-prone skin to anti-aging. The range includes cleansers, toners, scrubs, masks and even some makeup. What we love about their makeup is that it contains skincare that helps your skin instead of harm it. Pixi most importantly offers the holy grail of all holy grail toners; the Glow Tonic. We love the toner as well as their wide range of face mists!


How to Make Sure Your Cruelty-Free Makeup is Actually Cruelty-Free

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