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The Best Neckline for Your Bra Size

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Natalie Zunker & Brianne Nemiroff

You might want to pin this for your next shopping trip.

We’ve all been there: standing in the dressing room, flustered and confused, wondering why a certain piece just doesn’t sit on us the way we envisioned it when we saw it hanging on the rack. It’s frustrating and time consuming, but the reality is every woman is beautifully built in a unique way. That is something to be celebrated in every sense, not something to discourage us from trying new styles!

With all these beautiful differences, we can often find ourselves neck-deep in information aiming at helping us find what’s “best” for the body-type we most identify with, in order to achieve a look that’s most likely to be flattering and comfortable for us as individuals.

While there are ways to wear almost any neckline no matter your shape or bust size, these tips will help keep your breasts in proportion to the rest of your figure so eyes are drawn to all of you, and not just your breasts.


Cowl Neck (draped neck)

Any neckline that adds fabric to your bust will (1) draw attention to it, and (2) add volume. This will help a woman balance out her breasts with her hips for a more hourglass shape.

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