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The Floral Kimono is Having a Fashion Moment

Many American fashion trends often draw inspiration from different cultures. This has never been truer than in the case of the kimono. Japan’s staple attire can come in a number of forms, from the classical ultra-heavy floor length dress to today’s throw-on accent piece. Kimonos have fully infiltrated western fashion and they serve a number of purposes. More specifically, floral kimonos have been having a huge moment. From extremely bold to pastel and understated patterns, floral kimonos can instantly elevate an outfit. Whether thrown on top of a casual outfit or paired with a fancy jumpsuit for a night out; this staple really does it all! We’re here to break down some summer-friendly fun ways to rock a floral kimono!

Kimono Length Options

When it comes to kimonos, they can come in all shapes and sizes, and it can get tricky to keep track of them. An easy guide to stick by is three general lengths. First you have the waist-length, and this can come in a variety of options. You can have cropped kimonos that sit under your breasts, or ones that manage to cover your bum.
The next length is around your knees, this is one of the most common. Knee-length kimonos are extremely versatile and can really go with anything from bikinis to a mini dress.
Lastly, and the most true to the original kimono is the maxi length. Maxi kimonos can be a bit trickier to style but they flow beautifully and can really elevate your
outfit! Each of these styles can come in varying sleeve lengths, whether you want a vest style or elbow-length sleeves! Now, let’s get into how to style your floral kimonos.

Beach Coverup

The most classical way to rock a kimono is of course as a beach coverup. They work perfectly to cover what you need covered while remaining lightweight and airy.

photo credit: Lyst

Floral kimonos can be a great way to accent or add an extra flare to a simple bikini. Choosing a simple black or white bikini and pairing it with a bold floral kimono can add an extra oomph to your poolside glam!

White Tee with a Side of Floral

We all love our simple white tee and jeans; it’s a fashion staple that every woman owns. The floral kimono can be paired perfectly with this go-to outfit!

photo credit: Morning Lavender

Adding a floral kimono to your casual tee and jeans can give it a more stylish look while still looking super casual and feeling comfortable!

Summer Stunner

Summer is all about letting your skin breathe and soaking up the sun. The shorts come out to play and crop tops are a staple. Throwing a kimono on can help give your outfit an extra splash of glam without getting in the way or being too restricting.

photo credit: Pinterest

It’s a great way to cover up and avoid showing too much skin while still keeping your outfit breathable!

Dress Up Your Kimono

Why not let your floral kimono be the star of the show? Popularly, people expect a kimono to be an addition to an outfit, but many kimonos come in tie-up dress forms.

photo credit: Pinterest

This beautiful pastel floral kimono can be wrapped across the waist to give you a beautiful flowy and open dress.
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