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The Future of Fitness

The fitness industry may be booming, but it is also changing. With apps and websites taking over for dietitians and personal trainers, the fitness community is moving online. Julia Buckley of The Fat Burn Revolution shows us why online programs like hers are more beneficial, and the wave of the fitness future.

1) It’s cheaper than a regular gym membership.

With facilities like SoulCycle ranging up to $3,000 for a 50-class membership, full scale gym memberships are simply out of the question for many people. The Fat Burn Revolution, which began as a book, has recently had over 1,000 people flock to their free Facebook group to receive fitness tips and training. By moving your gym online, you cut out many equipment costs and gym fees and get right down to it – paying for the fitness training.

2) No excuses!

With all of the food tracking and exercise apps nowadays, there is no excuse to not work out! Julia Buckley now offers online fitness coaching worldwide, so that she can work around her client’s schedules, and not the other way around. With flexibility like this, there is no excuse not to get fit!

3) It’s realistic.

All of the exercises and food plans in The Fat Burn Revolution are extremely realistic and do-able. Julia does not require crazy gym equipment, all-liquid diets, or expensive supplements in her fitness plan. All of her exercises are reasonable, usually containing little more than dumbbells or exercise balls, and she recommends eating whole, natural foods that can be bought at any grocery store – vegetables, lean protein, water and green tea.

4) It makes your accountable.

Many online fitness programs work in a group element. Julia trains her clients in secret Facebook groups, which are secure from the public, but open with the members. “The community aspect is definitely a key element of why people tend to do better on my programs than they would do with a one-to-one personal trainer,” says Julia. “There’s always fantastic camaraderie in the groups, and the sense of being ‘in-it-together.'”

About Julia Buckley

One of Britain’s top fitness writers and trainers, Julia Buckley is author of the bestselling fitness book, The Fat Burn Revolution. With insights into the latest fat-loss techniques and metabolism boosting workout programs, The Fat Burn Revolution is now available worldwide.

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