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The NEWEST Dating Terms and Why YOU Should Know What They Are

What are the latest dating terms and are you a victim of them?

Dating today is, in some ways, the same as it has ever been. Perhaps one principal difference is the ability to meet people online first rather than in person. Although the method of meeting someone is a bit different, there are still key red flags to keep a lookout for when going on a date. Here are some new terms for behaviors you definitely want to keep an eye out for. If you are victim of these following dating trends, it might be time to say
Hasta La Vista, Baby!”

Stashing-Stashing is a term used to describe when someone you are dating won’t introduce you to people in their lives. They will avoid you meeting their friends and family. This might be an indication that they do not view you as a long-term partner and this should definitely be seen as a red flag. You should ask your partner why he hasn’t introduced you to people close to him. Depending on what he says, it might determine the rest of your relationship with him. Even meeting one or two of his friends is a step in the right direction. But if he doesn’t even do this, he probably doesn’t value you like you should be.

Breadcrumbing-This is a term used when online dating. A person you are corresponding with will leave a trail of hopeful messages for a potential date. This sounds okay, but the fact of the matter is he has no intention of ever meeting you! Once you realize this to be the case, stop correspondence as you are clearly wasting your time.

Benching-Benching is similar to “breadcrumbing” in that your potential suitor keeps you on the bench, literally. They have a lot of options with different women, so they “keep you on the bench” to explore others that are in the queue. Don’t waste your time with this guy as you will be waiting forever and your time is precious.

Ghosting-Ghosting is an act when your ex-partner will completely disappear from your life with no explanation at all. They choose to end all contact with you without warning.

Catch and Release-This type of guy enjoys the chase, but once he has you, he “releases” you. Why? The part he enjoyed is already over.

The Slow Fade-This is a guy who gets into a relationship with you. Then, he can’t accept it. So he slowly cuts of communication with you until there is none.

Stay alert, ladies! You deserve better than this!


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