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I think so often we hide, avoid and are untruthful with our sexual nature. I’ve come to know, understand and accept that I’m a very sexual being. How I’ve learned to use this and live a life of balance is what I’d like to share.

Talking about sex is not an easy thing to do, but I think it’s important to not only talk about it, but also to understand it within ourselves, and to be comfortable with our own sexual nature. When we understand and except who we are sexually, it has the power to bring forth a great confidence and self acceptance.


I was sexualized at a very early age, so it’s only natural that I would become a sexual being. I use to really beat myself up about it, call myself names and condemn the very person I was. I learned along the way that I’m the person I am because of what I’ve been exposed to and the life I’ve lived through.


I then had to stop and make adjustments, and align my inner self with the outer illusion.


What I know for sure after many years of struggle is this: I’m not a bad person for being sexual, I’m not condemned for who I am and I’m excepting of who I am…all of me, even my sexual side. I’m also responsible about what I do with it, just because I except who I am as a sexual being doesn’t mean I run around having sex with anyone and everyone, it just means that I except and acknowledge all of me and understand why and what makes up my every ounce.


This allows me to come at life in control of who I am, instead of who I am controlling me.

I can remember being aware of my sexuality at a very early age. Looking back now, I can clearly see that I would act out sexually and sometimes preoccupy myself and my thoughts with fantasies of being in sexual situations because I was trying to fill that space within myself that got attention for being sexual. I was trying to replicate what was done to me when I was the center of attention while being sexually abused. I was very young, we are not programmed to understand a situation like that at such an early age, instead we try to switch it around to make it fit in our world. It’s a built in survival mechanism…”how can I make it work in myself so I feel ok?.”


I understand this now, but for so many years I lived in a cycle of acting out and persecution. Seeking to fill the void, then condemning myself afterwards. I spent all my time trying to fight my sexuality, then succumbing to the very thing I was fighting, only to beat myself up afterward. A vicious cycle!


Because I’m honest about it now, and I understand it, I’m able to channel all that sexual energy into making myself a more dynamic person. I can transfer those desires into projects and relationships in a very powerful way. The universe responds to authentic vibrational energy. My sexual truth is powerful vibrational energy.


Recognize who you are truthfully, acknowledge, accept, and make adjustments to balance your truth, this will allow you to live a life of authenticity without compromising who you are as a person.


I believe we have to embrace our whole selves, even the dark parts in order to walk in freedom. The universe feels your vibrations and listens to your energy. Being sexual is not necessarily the act of sex…it’s simply allowing that part of ourselves to join in the journey. Sexual energy is powerful energy, and powerful energy builds self confidence and self awareness.

The shifting points of our lives are filled with magic.God provided the shift.we should get to the point.



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