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The Soft Wave Hair Tutorial to Give You a Classic Look

Who doesn’t want a soft wave in their hair? It’s a relaxed, carefree look, as if you just came from the beach. However, it also shows that you have the Glam Factor. Watch our below tutorial where Katarina Van Derham shows you how to give yourself the perfect soft wave.

First, section off your hair. Pull the top of your hair up and tease the bottom layers. Then, hairspray where you’ve teased. Next, add
hair extensions. Katarina likes to use Cashmere Hair. In the video, Katarina used Moroccan oil Hairspray because she was out of her favorite hairspray, Big Sexy Hair. Get your Big Sexy Hair Hairspray here!

After that, tease and hairspray the rest of your hair in layers. Add more extensions if you’d prefer to.

Next, section your hair and put the sections in curlers. Katarina used the Babyliss Nano Titanium Rollers. Get your own here! Keep them in your hair until they cool down. Once they are cool they are ready to be taken out.

Once you remove the curlers, tease out your hair a bit more.

And now you have gorgeous, soft waves!

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