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The VIVA GLAM Guide to Nail Shapes

You glance at your nails and notice that they’re looking a little worse for wear, so you decide it’s time to schedule a little mani/pedi and treat yourself. Allowing yourself to be pampered is essential, but once you plop down in that seat, you find yourself faced with the same pressing question: which nail shape is best for me?

Somehow, we’ll never learn. Every single time we end up umm-ing and aah-ing with no clue as to which we’d prefer. For many of us, it’s a simpler problem of only knowing about two options: square or rounded. Well, surprisingly enough there are about twelve different nail shape options. To give you a helping hand and take the stress out of a pamper session, we’ve broken down the most popular nail shapes to provide you the ultimate guide!

Squarenail shapes

The ultimate classic that we are all familiar with is “square”. This shape is pretty straightforward — a squared-off nail shape that has two sharp edges. It’s an ideal option for shorter nails; round edges can often emphasize how short your nails are, whereas a square can give the illusion of more length.

Ovalnail shapes

This option gives you a rounded out tip without being completely round. Rounded edges can often look too blunt and shortening, whereas with oval nails you can get the elegance and length without going for squared nails.

Squovalnail shapes

Squoval is ideal if you’re looking for a more natural look. It is a combination of the previous two. Think of this as a square nail shape with the sharp edges filed down to more a smooth curve. Most nails naturally grow in a squoval shape so this is definitely the least maintenance option.

Almondnail shapes

Almond and Oval nail shapes are actually pretty similar; the difference is that almond is a better choice for more slender fingers or to give the illusion of slender fingers. Unlike oval nails, the almond nail shape includes a lot more filing down of the edges. It definitely has a slimmer finish and the nail comes to more of a point.

Stilettonail shapes

Let’s go from 0 to 100 here with a completely unique and different nail shape option. Stilettos aren’t just for shoes anymore, this fake nails classic favorite shape is a perfect option if you’re feeling yourself and want to step out of your comfort zone. This slender shape comes with a sharp tip — it can double as a weapon!

Coffinnail shapes

Finally, the Kylie Jenner favorite has to be the coffin nail shape. This is very comparable to a stiletto; the difference is that coffin nails are a little more squared off right at the tip rather than being razor sharp.

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