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These Tips Will Make Men Worship You!

Cleopatra had a way with men. And according to historical coins with her image on them, she was not empirically attractive. In fact, she had a hooked nose and angular face. Yet, she ruled the ancient world and had Marc Antony at her beck and call.
How was this possible? She knew the tips and tricks to make men fall at her feet and adore her. Here are a few pointers on how to make your man worship the ground you walk on!

  1. Have confidence.

Men like women who are confident.
In fact, everyone likes to be around people who are confident and believe in themselves. Have faith in yourself and others will do the same. Whatever your decisions in life, commit to them with surety and act accordingly. People will respect you, and this includes your man.

2. Touch him.
Never forget that touch is important. We are human and everyone craves the feeling of being touched. It is both comforting and nurturing.
Take the time to touch your man throughout the day.
It will give him that extra boost to his ego that he desires.

3. Show him your smarts.
Don’t dumb yourself down for a man or to make others around you more comfortable. If you are doing this, you are in the wrong social circle.
Show him how sharp and brilliant you are.Believe me, this not a turn off, but a total turn on!

4. Listen.
If you didn’t hear this the first time: listen, listen and listen. It is important to be a listening ear when he comes home and wants to share his day with you. Take the time to hear his concerns, frustrations and successes. This will only help bond the two of you closer as you will become his #1 confidante.

5. Flirt.
Even though you may already be in a relationship or even if a relationship is brand new, continue to flirt with him. This will stroke his ego a bit and will make him excited to chase you. Men love the chase as much as they love the conquest, so don’t forget flirting every step of the way!

6. Be the gorgeous goddess he fell in love with.
If you are already in a relationship, don’t forget to show him the gorgeous, sexy woman he first laid eyes on.
He will be mesmerized and fall in love with you all over again.
Take the time to make yourself look amazing and he will fall adoringly at your feet.

7. Be busy and do your own thing.
Remember, you are a busy woman with a life of your own.
You have a career, friends and family.
Don’t revolve your life around him. Take the time to do other things and your absence will only make the heart grow fonder.

8. Don’t be too easy to get.
This will work each and every time. Remember tip #5, men want the chase. They are biologically driven to do so. So, give them the space to do it. Don’t always be easy to get ahold of. Make them learn they have to plan in advance to get to see you. And they have to think about how to entertain you properly in order to win your time and attention.
You are as precious as gold.
Don’t forget it.

9. Don’t be a damsel in distress. Basically, cut down on the drama and learn how to take care of yourself. No man wants to hear drama from the beginning of a date to the end. Save that for your girlfriends or learn how to better handle life’s challenges. We all have them and so learn how to deal with them accordingly.

10. Give yourself an ego boost.
When in doubt, give yourself an ego boost. You deserve it. And you deserve to be with the best man for you possible. Take the time to spoil yourself.
Get a mani and pedi, facial or massage. Treat yourself like you would like to be treated. And watch as you attract the man of your dreams!

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