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Top Pinned Vegan Recipe – Vegan Nachos

These nachos are so so good!!

When someone says .≤nachos’, there’s a good chance that you start thinking of gas station nachos, and let’s face it, if you were of the .≤unhealthy’ persuasion at some point in your life, the thought of nachos right now probably brings some .≤Oh God, why did I do that?’ moments to the forefront of your mind, and maybe you’d resolved that you never wanted to see that beautiful, golden, queso nacho dip again as long as you lived.

Well okay, we can’t blame you, but we found this recipe and you know what? We’re about ready to take it up, at least one more time … or perhaps a few dozen more times.

Nachos Alone or With People

The nacho recipe we found is absolutely perfect if you feel like sharing, but you know what? Not everyone wants to share and we can’t blame them. If you do choose to share your concoction however, we can pretty much guarantee you’re going to be the life of the party every single time.
What we’re talking about here aren’t just regular nachos, we’re talking about vegan nachos with barbecue jackfruit. That’s right, you heard us, vegan nachos, and they’re coming to a plate near you.

There are plenty of recipes for these heavenly vegan nachos online, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to take the idea and run with it. We will, however, give you a few very important tips to live by when you’re getting your nachos ready:

  • Use Canned Jackfruit in Water (Not the kind in Brine or Syrup .¨ That Just makes the Nachos Taste Icky!)
  • Simmer Jackfruit for 20 Minutes
  • Bake in Oven for 15 Minutes to Crisp
  • Add Chipotle Sauce if you Want to Make it Spicy

vegan nachos BBQ Jackfruit



A Quick Description of Jackfruit

Jackfruit originates from southeast Asia and has grown in popularity in the United States for some time. Vegans absolutely love Jackfruit because it serves as a meat alternative. When it’s properly cooked and flavored, it actually resembles pork or chicken. If you’re a vegan, we’re pretty sure you just ran to check out Amazon Prime Pantry.

There is little doubt that jackfruit can make your nachos go from excellent to outstanding, and if you want to have them as a treat once or even twice a week, whose to stop you? Jackfruit is becoming more and more prominent and people realize just how yummy it can be. As a vegan and cruelty free individual, you’re going to find plenty of use for jackfruit, and these nachos are probably going to end up at the top of your list when it comes to party dishes. It’s time to snack .¨ vegan style.


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