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Traveling for Spring Break? These are Your Beauty Must-Haves

Whether you’re living it up in college or still counting down the seconds ’til you can take time off work, spring break is something we all love. It’s that perfect in-between vacay where you can let loose and unwind at the beach destination of your choice.

As with any vacation, planning your packing can be the most daunting part. You’re either always going to over-pack or you’re going to forget everything that matters. Even worse, you can do both! Well, when it comes to beauty, we have you covered. Whether you’re a beauty fanatic or a simple Glossier vibes girl, these beauty must-haves
must be in every spring break cosmetics bag this season.

Hydration, Hydration!

With any sunny or even remotely tropical destination, hydration is key. Whether it’s keeping yourself hydrated throughout your flight or throughout your trip, your skin needs to stay moisturized. Make sure you pack both a facial moisturizer as well as a body lotion.
You want something that’s going to give you an intense dose of hydration after a long day of heat exposure.


Look, spring break or not, we hope you guys are keeping up your sun protection! Piling on the SPF is just the easiest step you can take to ensuring keeping your skin young and flawless as long as possible.
No matter where you live or where you’re going, sun protection isn’t just necessary, it is VITAL! Make sure to pack more than enough SPF for your face and body.


The more sun exposure you get, the more likely your skin is to go all sahara desert on you! Moisturizing isn’t the only way to keep your skin in check. A regular scrub is also needed to help you both get a better tan and prevent you from having dry, scaly skin.

Leave The Makeup Behind

Come on, we’re talking about your beach and poolside spring break here! Who has the time or energy to pack and pile on layers of makeup? You want to use this time to allow your skin to breathe and soak up that vitamin D! But if you’re one of those women who doesn’t like to leave the room without makeup, we understand going makeup-free is not for everyone. Instead, take up on this as an opportunity to go with lighter makeup to let your skin breathe as much as you can.

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