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Try Lipiad Advanced Complex for Dry, Damaged Skin

The experts say to wash your face 2X a day, but what if your cleanser is doing more damage than good? Daily cleansing can strip the skin of essential lipids .¨ the membranes that prevent the loss of moisture and electrolytes. While moisturizer can help dehydrated skin, lipid-deficient skin may need a little extra help.

G.M. Collin has created Lipiad Advanced Complex specifically for lipid-deficient skin. The gentle elixir awakens the senses by instantly enveloping the skin in a subtle floral and woody scent,
thanks to its essential oil complex (lavender, rosewood, sandalwood). Enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, this highly concentrated formula is also made of a blend of 100% botanical oils (such as borage, jojoba, macadamia, lupin, wheat germ, soybean oils)
and vitamins
(pro-vitamin A and vitamin C), that nourishes, revitalizes
and re-establishes optimum skin conditions.

What an easy way to a brand new you for 2014!

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