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Would YOU Try Naked Yoga?!

The concept of naked yoga has recently created quite a stir. While people are becoming more open to embracing new things, many still hesitate at the thought of baring it all in public. For them, nudity is only embraced in the privacy of their homes. But practicing yoga in the nude can be an incredibly liberating experience and a great way to improve your self-confidence.

According to advocates of this form of yoga, performing yoga naked brings a greater level of awareness and authenticity to their practice. With the yoga’s rising popularity, this authenticity is sometimes lost in the branding and fashion that’s associated with it. They believe that it makes them more mindful and connected to their bodies. Practitioners of naked yoga claim that it also brings about a greater sense of freedom as there are no physical limitations. But does nude yoga have a significant advantage over traditional practices? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Naked Yoga

Like other forms of yoga, nude yoga is an excellent way to keep your mind and body healthy. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help prevent digestive issues and heart disease. It also strengthens immunity and reduces stress and anxiety. Although the physical benefits may not vary from traditional yoga, the psychological benefits appear to be significant.

Being naked is not considered a norm and is frowned upon by society. But if you think about it, we developed this sense of right and wrong based on what we were taught or picked up at an early age. Nude yoga can help you free yourself from social norms and feel liberated.

Health Risks Associated With This Practice

There are no major health risks related to naked yoga, apart from the fact that you may be more vulnerable to infections since your whole body is exposed.
It is, therefore, necessary to take certain precautions to stay healthy. Never share a yoga mat or towel. Any concerns over the hygiene quotient can be avoided by always carrying whatever you’ll need with you. This way there is no scope of infection since you won’t be sharing these with others.

Final Thoughts

Naked yoga may not have significant physical health benefits, but it is a big step towards helping us feel liberated and at peace with ourselves. It is an effort to get people back in touch with nature and their bodies. By fading man-made norms and protocols, it can help us feel more empathy for each other and closer to our true selves.

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