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Vegan Fragrances to be a Huge Trend in 2018!

Vegan is what’s trending in fragrance this year!

Spring is closing in on us and with it comes fresh flowers, nature, and fragrance! And one of the biggest trends this year when it comes to scent is purchasing vegan!

scent_1 researched current market trends on fragrance and discovered that out of 2,400 consumers, 64% of them are planning to purchase vegan fragrance this year. This makes buying vegan scents one of the biggest fragrance trends for 2018.

Also trending this year when it comes to scent are fragrances containing vegetables such as rhubarb, as well as the use of essential oils. This is in part because the wellness movement will also play a key role in people’s lives this year.
Consumers are using essential oils to elevate their mood, relax and rejuvenate themselves. In addition, essential oils are also being used in cooking.

But when it comes to fragrance, niche companies such as Phlur and Ojai Wild are going vegan. They don’t use animal products in creating their fragrances. Ojai Wild, for example, creates their signature scents from California botanicals, resins, woods, and roots.


And now even larger companies seem to have taken notice as Target just launched their vegan friendly line of fragrance, Good Chemistry! This line is vegan, paraben-free and is made with essential oils!

In addition, many of these lines like Phlur are also utilizing environmentally responsible packaging.
For example, this company uses vegetable-based paint on its packaging and their boxes are made from 100% post-consumer cardboard.

Other trends for scent in 2018 include unisex fragrances, simple or minimalist packaging, and perfumes with added benefits such as boosting your mood!


So, the word is officially out: the way to go this year for scent is animal-friendly, cruelty-free, and non-toxic!



Target’s New Fragrance Line is Vegan and Non-Toxic!



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