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Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel & Romantic Getaway Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In our modern, rushed, 24/7 worker-bee world, it can be challenging to get away and really unwind. Even though we all know stress is a leading cause of chronic fatigue, lowered happiness, and a multitude of health risks, we still can’t seem to “turn off.” Enter: Villa Premiere

The Trip

Less than three hours on an un-crowded plane ride from LA felt effortless. The short trip had us landing in Puerto Vallarta only to be immediately handed a margarita as we emerged from a virtually line-less customs check. Smiling faces load our luggage into a pre-arranged car service, which takes us directly to the hotel in less than fifteen minutes. As a world traveler, this was as painless a journey as we’ve seen yet.


Check-in at this newly remodeled $3.8 million upgraded hotel was the beginning of what would be an amazingly relaxing vacation. The clean, modern decor and warm lighting of the lobby invite you in, as you are offered an ice-cold towel and chilled champagne upon check-in. The first thing that pulled us in was the opulent pillow and room fragrance menu. Imagine choosing your favorite pillow and a scent tailor-picked to take you to your happy place. That is what happens here.

A complimentary back massage melts away any remaining travel stiffness while the friendly staff takes care of your luggage as you settle in. As they show you to your room, your chosen fragrance invites you in and your favorite pillow beckons. This is absolute personal zen.

The Chef’s Table

Our first evening had us already feeling as if we were among friends. The management arranged a special Chef’s Table alfresco dining experience on the gorgeous patio area. A sunset through its last rays of rose-colored light as we were greeted smiles and gifts. A monogrammed chef’s apron and delightfully detailed and locally-made necklace.

The meal was prepared before us in seamless steps as the courses flowed flawlessly with surprising and perfectly-suited drink pairings. From the mushroom tartad to the artichoke cream, our taste buds were tickled as we learned about the eclectic history of Puerto Vallarta and got to know our hosts.

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This beautiful hotel sits overlooking Bandera Bay, the property offers luxurious privacy, yet a mere a 15minute walk to the local shopping and dining area. Among the amenities are two sparkling pools, three restaurants, and delightful beachfront cabanas all steps from the ocean.

If you are seeking seaside relaxation, look no further as every single room in this luxury resort face the ocean. The rooms range from $250-$1000/night and all include oceanfront balconies, mini-bar, beautiful marble bathrooms and lavish beds, and complimentary reading material. (Remember books?!) Nothing says “unplug and reset” like a good read.

And the spacious suites all include immaculate, turquoise-blue personal hot tubs, overlooking the ocean.

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The Mind & Body Spa offers a variety of services, of which our favorite was the romantic outdoor massage. Eighty minutes of zen-inducing massage inside a windswept canopy. You are lulled by the sound of crashing waves followed by white cotton robes, hot tea, and smiling staff. This is soul-refreshing luxury at its finest.


With the resort’s all-inclusive $100/day per person food & beverage service, a stylish braided bracelet gives you access to the restaurants, room service, and posh beachside drinks and food menus. This service has been pivotal in the groups returning guests who love this resort so much that they come back every year! A luxury resort with returning clientele, consistent staff, AND comfy beachside swings? Yes, please!

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Katarina Van Derham

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Favorite Things

Yoga-by-the-beach is led every morning by a yoga instructor whose tenure is only outmatched by her accepting style and open method. Few things are better than yoga in paradise.

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Anyone can tell you that a juice diet is a bad idea on vacation, but this would not be true at all here! Every morning with breakfast, we started with a fresh, cold-pressed juice; papaya, orange and now a new favorite; the Chef’s Special. A blend of beet, watermelon and guava sure to leave your stomach full and your body happy all day.(until you’re ready for a soy-milk pi‚àö¬±a colada or a tongue-tingling margarita on the beach, that is!)

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The charming market is clean and full of local artists and goods. Brightly colored scarves, exotic jewelry, and flowing handmade dresses line the park. Reminiscent of New York’s famous Columbus Ave. flea market, this purely natural shopping experience is enhanced by the beautiful setting of tamed Mexican jungle.

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Katarina Van Derham & Cinematographer Caitlin Kazepis

Gastronomic Ecstasy

As jet-setting vegans may know, it can be a challenge to find anything to eat, much less a personalized gourmet meal. But the Chef’s Table option at Villa Premiere will spoil you for sure! Upon arrival, you are treated to a handcrafted meal tailored to your tastes and accommodating all of your requests.

The manager and chef are artisans and take their craft as seriously as any artist. Sketching plate presentations, taking time to write new recipes and beautifully creative vegan diet options makes this experience one of our favorites. *There are plenty of options for vegetarian and pescatarian diets as well.

Farewell Dinner

On our final night in Puerto Vallarta, Alessandro the manager and leading creative behind Villa Premiere’s meticulous remodel
presented us with an exclusive romantic seaside farewell. Candles lined the sidewalk down to the alfresco dining area. We were greeted with hugs and led through a lovingly constructed arbour filled with baby’s breath and vintage d‚àö¬© true VIVA GLAM style!

A Brazilian duo serenaded us gently as the ocean was lit with soft blue lighting, the sky parting into pink and slivers, as a pirate ship off at sea lit sparkling fireworks above the canopy. What can only be described as immediate homesickness made us never want to leave and determined to return. A magical night of gourmet dishes, watermelon martinis, wine, and music surrounded by smiling staff and warm sea air.

*images cortesy of
Villa Premiere and Katarina Van Derham


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