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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Calgary, Alberta

For those who live outside of Canada, Calgary is best known for one thing — The Calgary Stampede, a rodeo and festival that happens every July. But Calgary is so much more than just being the Texas of Canada.

It’s a young city with a ton of great bars and restaurants. Lovers of the outdoors love their beautiful parks and biking trails, and the quick hour drive to Banff. This past year, it had the fastest growing economy of any Canadian city, which means it’s only going to get more lively! If you’re planning on seeing what it’s like to live like an Albertan, these are the places to visit!


Veg-In YYC


This fast casual vegan restaurant serves truly innovative Indian fusion cuisine. Here you can find wraps, smashed samosas (served on a flatbread), burgers, vegan lassis, and desserts! Everything on the menu is vegan except for one burger and the traditional lassi options. While the food isn’t the most Instagram-friendly, the taste of everything will be so delicious that you’ll forget it wasn’t inspired by a unicorn.

HIGHLIGHTS: Spiced Chai Lassi, Drooling Hippie (smashed samosa), Bollywood Fantasy.

Drooling Hippie

The Village Flatbread Co. YYC


If you want to try the best gluten-free and vegan pizza you’ve EVER had, go here. Or if you just want to try a gluten-free crust with regular cheese, you can also go here. They have something for everyone! We fell in love with their Mission Pizza with an Argentinian chimichurri sauce, vegan mozzarella (shipped from British Columbia), carrot and beetroot slaw, and rosemary. DIVINE!

HIGHLIGHTS: Mission Pizza, Montgomery Salad, Mardaloop Pizza.

Mission Pizza

Mardaloop Pizza

Montgomery Salad

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